Topps teases Kevin Costner autos for 2016 Archives

Topps Archives Baseball is becoming the best place to find celebrity autographs that have baseball connections.


On Tuesday, Topps teased on its Instagram account a picture of a Crash Davis Durham Bulls card signed by actor, Kevin Costner. Costner played the character in the classic 1988 baseball movie, Bull Durham, which also starred Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins and Robert Wuhl. Topps stated in the post that the card will appear in 2016 Topps Archives. The card uses the design from the 1988 Topps Baseball set.

The Costner card in 2016 Archives continues the recent trend of celebrity autographs sets in Archives releases. 2014 Topps Archives featured signed cards from stars of the movie Major League, including Charlie Sheen. Earlier this year, Topps inserted cards signed by Will Ferrell in 2015 Archives. Ferrell played with ten different MLB during Spring Training as part of a publicity stunt. He signed ten cards for each of the teams he suited up for. The autographs (#’d out of 10) were going for as much as $2,000 in the secondary market. Former ESPN anchor and noted baseball card collector, Keith Olbermann, collected the entire set of all ten autos.

Ferrell relic autos will also appear in the upcoming 2015 Topps Dynasty Baseball.

With the star-studded cast of Bull Durham, it will be interesting to see if any additional actors from the film will have autographs in 2016 Archives. It also gets us hoping that Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez or Henry Rowengartner autographs will appear in 2017 Archives.

For those that can’t wait for 2016 Archives, you can also find cards signed by Kevin Costner in 2015 Leaf Trinity Baseball.

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