Topps Introduces the Five Star Club!

Topps has announced an exclusive club for their most passionate collectors-  Five Star Club.   Members of this club will receive:

*   Exclusive Five Star Football and Baseball Parallels

*   Exclusive autographed cards

*   Quarterly calls and access to Topps employees

*   Topps VIP status at events (The National, MLB FanFest, NFL Experience and more) including FREE access to promotions and giveaways!

*  An exclusive and prestigious 5-Star Club members only card!

Becoming a Five Star Club member is limited and not all that apply will be accepted. Membership is only open to those collectors who live in the United States and the deadline to apply for 2013 is November 30th.  In addition to the completed application; those who wish to join the club must submit a 500 word or less essay explaining why they would want to be a member, get a letter of reference from their local hobby shop or online dealer and evidence that they have spent $10,000 or more on Topps Trading Cards in the last year.

As you can see, this club is for the extreme Topps enthusiast!

To see full details, check out the Official Topps Five Star Club Application.

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