Topps Announces Jose Abreu Autographs Added to 2014 Archives Baseball!

Topps Trading Cards

The Topps Company has announced some exciting autograph additions to 2014 Archives Baseball.

Here is the official release from Topps:

Late addition…Jose Abreu Autographs have been added and they are live in Topps Archives!

  • Topps has a very exciting Archives promotion it will be launching on the product’s May 28th release date.

For 60 consecutive days, Topps will post a bounty on a specific card(s) through social media.  We’ll be asking collectors to take pictures with these cards.  The first collector to respond will win a prize from our “Archives”.  Prizes include, but are not limited to items such as autographed baseballs and autographed bats to boxes of baseball cards.  Make sure you stay tuned every day to Instagram (@toppssports), Twitter (@toppscards) and /topps.

Topps is pleased to announce its confirmed list of “Major League” signers:

Corbin Bernsen — Roger Dorn

Tom Berenger — Jake Taylor

Chelcie Ross — Eddie Harris

Margaret Whitton — Rachel Phelps

Charlie Sheen — Ricky Vaughn

·         Because of a production error, “The Warriors” insert was removed from the product

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