Top 5 Rarest Nintendo (NES) Video Games in Stock!

#5 Snow Brothers

Snow Brothers was released in 1990. The game did not sell very well at all despite being made by Capcom and having solid gameplay. Snow Brothers was a port from an arcade game that plays very similarly to another popular game Bubble Bobble. The price of Snow Brothers reached over $500.00 at one point but as leveled out more recently. Still an expensive but much more obtainable game today.

Current price at Dave & Adams: $385.00

#4 Bubble Bobble 2

Released March 5, 1993 very late in the NES life span, Bubble Bobble 2 never sold many copies. By this time most video gamers were buying games on the Super Nintendo. Because of the late release of this game Bubble Bobble 2 has become very rare. The original game is common and in most gamers collections because of the old-school gaming feel to it and addictive gameplay.

Current price at Dave & Adams: $400.00

#3 Bonk’s Adventure

Bonk’s Adventure was released on December 15, 1989. This was the leading franchise of the TurboGrafx-16 but received a release on the NES as a limited release. The game did not get much attention back in December of 1989 because not many people knew who Bonk was. As Mario is to Nintendo and Sonic was to Sega, Bonk was to the TurboGrafx-16. The few that had a TurboGrafx-16 and an NES would have known this fact but back then most gamers only had one system.

Current price at Dave & Admas: $580.00

#2 Panic Restaurant

Released on April 24, 1992 Panic Restaurant is one of the fastest rising video games in recent history. Over the past 2 years the game has increased $300.00 in value, which in the video game world is remarkable. Panic Restaurant never recorded very good sales and was passed over for more popular games at the time but if you play it today it is actually a great game. With the prices continuing to go up with no end in sight now is a great time to pick up this really fun game.

Current price at Dave & Adams: $650.00

#1 Little Samson

Little Samson was released June 26, 1992 and is often referred to as one of the top 3 NES games in the entire library to own. Developed by Tatio the game feels like your playing a Mega Man game but it is something completely new. This most unique feature is being able to switch between characters during gameplay and does a great job in the graphics department especially for NES. The marketing behind the game was very poor and influenced the sales. The price and popularity of Little Samson is always growing and is a very rare game to try and own for the NES.

Current price at Dave & Adams: $1,400.00

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