SportKings Plans for The National

Sportkings will be at the National in a big way.

Premium Base Card Redemption

Collectors who opened packs of Sportkings Series E found one Premium Base Card in each box.Collectors who collected the card backs that spelled SPORTKINGS are eligible for some great redemption cards.

The start of the redemption for this program will take place at the National.

All redemptions received by July 30th will be taken to the National to be redeemed. All redemptions presented at the National will be redeemed on the spot. This is a first for Sportkings.

So collect your Premium Base Card Backs and spell SPORTKINGS.

Here are the different categories for the Premium Back Base Card Redemption;

Sportkings Quads #’d to 10

Spell SPORTKINGS once and receive a Sportkings Quad card numbered to 10. Click here to view the checklist.

1/1 Sketch Cards

Spell SPORTKINGS twice and receive a 1/1 Sketch  Card. These Sketch Cards feature the art used on the Series E Cut Signature Cards. Click here to view the checklist.

1/1 Jared Kelley Art Cards

Spell SPORTKINGS five times and receive a 1/1 Jared Kelley hand-painted Art Card. Each card is a masterpiece painted on-card.

Sportkings National Box Redemption Program

Collectors who open a box of Sportkings Series E at the Sportkings’ Booth at the National willr eceive a redemption card featuring single, double and triple Sportkings game-used memorabilia.

All cards are out of 20 with 19 silver versions and a 1/1 gold version.

Open all the boxes from a sealed 16-box case of Sportkings and redeem it for a 1/1 Spectacular Patch card.

The list of Spectacular Patches is incredible.

*Collectors opening all the boxes from a sealed 16-box case and choosing to redeem those boxes for a Spectacular Patch will not qualify for the box redemption

So bring your sealed Sportkings Series E boxes or your sealed Sportkings Series E cases to the Sportkings’ booth and participate in thie great redemption program.

See you at the National.

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