Sportkings Announces Another Redemption for The National

First, we would like to announce the Sportkings Mammoth Art Card Redemption Program.

Collect Premium Back Base Cards from Sportkings Series E and spell SPORTKINGS twenty five times to qualify.

Submit your 25 sets of SPORTKINGS and choose your own Sportking athlete to be painted by Jared Kelley. The painting is 2.5′ by 3.5′, that’s right not 2.5 x 3.5 inches but 2.5 x 3.5 feet, a Mammoth Art Card.

Sportkings Premium Back Redemption 1/1 Art Cards
Based on the current circumstances surrounding the Penn State University scandal, we have decided to remove the 1/1 Art Card of Joe Paterno from the Sportkings Series E Premium Back Redemption Program.

Sport Kings LP wants to be considerate of all of the parties involved and feel that the timing to produce this card is not appropriate.

We hope our collectors understand and agree with this decision.
The redemption begins at the National, August 1 – August 5 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Other 1/1 Art Cards that can be redeemed include:

Collectors participating in this redemption will not be disappointed.

See you at the National.

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