Playoff Absolute Goes Live Today

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ARLINGTON – Playoff Absolute goes live today, with each box guaranteeing FOUR game-used memorabilia or autographs cards. The anticipations for the season to start is over after the defending Super Bowl Champion Colts took down the New Orleans Saints. Playoff Absolute is known for pushing the envelope when it comes to game-used memorabilia cards and this year will be no different. The program was voted by collectors in Beckett magazine as having the Best Memorabilia Set Design with the Absolute Memorabilia NFL Icons.

The program will have 150 Commons, 50 Rookie Cards Serial-Numbered to 699 or less, 50 Autographed Rookie Cards Serial-Numbered to 349 or less and 34 Rookie Premier Material Rookie Cards Serial-Numbered to 849 or less.

To see the complete Playoff Absolute checklist, click here.

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