My Favorite Cards

One of the great things about working here at Dave and Adam’s Card World is that there is a lot of people that currently are or have collected cards. Every couple of weeks we are going to have an employee or customer share what some of their favorite cards are.

I am going to be the first person to take the plunge and share my favorite cards. Removing book value or grade from the discussion, these are cards that I just legitimately liked as a kid.

1990 Score Bo Jackson Insert

Just on a pure “coolness” level this card is my favorite. This picture, which was used not only on this Score card but the cover of his autobiography and a Nike poster, is an iconic image from the early 90s.

1972 Red Sox Rookies Card- Carlton Fisk


I remember pulling a box of baseball cards from my grandmother’s house and going through it and finding a Carlton Fisk rookie card. It was the first significant rookie card I found that wasn’t a card made in the 80s. I felt like I found an oil well or something.

1986 Topps Lenny Dykstra


My first big memory of watching a major sporting event on TV was in 1986 when Dykstra hit the game winning home run against the Astros in game three of the NLCS. He was my favorite Met and I still feel that it killed the Mets as a team to trade him for Juan Samuel, in fact I think I am still bitter about it.

We would like to hear from you and feature some of your favorite cards or your entire collection.

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