Is There Room For Another Card Manufacturer?

We recently received a box from a new company on the card scene, Heroes of Sport. Led by long time collector and dealer Will Jaimet, Heroes of Sport has made a repack baseball card product titled Heroes of Sport Baseball: The Game of Heroes Chapter 1. It’s a combination of graded vintage cards, autographs, better high end inserts, and memorabilia redemptions. It also has a “points” element to it that we will explain below.

We ripped into the box to see how it broke. We’ve also taken some detailed images so you can get a feel for what the product is like.

The box has outside packaging and then an inner box that holds the 4 cards you receive. Cards can be random hits, redemption cards, or point cards. You can get 4 “hits” or 3 hits and a high point value card.


Inside the box we found product information which shows a sampling of some of the huge hits you can pull. Here’s just a few of the cards and redemptions:

  • Ichiro Suzuki 2001 SPX Rookie Auto PSA 10
  • Bryce Harper 2011 Bowman Sterling Gold RC Refracter Auto /50 BGS 9.5
  • Babe Ruth 1933 Goudey #149 PSA 5
  • Ty Cobb 1915 Game Used Bat – Mears LOA
  • Derek Jeter 2011 Game Used Cleats – Jeter Signed LOA
  • Albert Pujols Game Used Autograph Batting Gloves – PSA/DNA
  • Cal Ripker Jr. 1990 Autographed Game Used Jersey – SCP LOA
  • T206 Ty Cobb Bat on Shoulder SGC4


The product highlights list is pretty impressive. To get a better picture of everything you can hit Heroes of Sport has over 100 of the bigger inserts listed on their website.

Here is how our box broke:

Card 1: 2005 Playoff Tools of The Trade Babe Ruth Game Used Bat Card /250 from 2005 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia, Plus 100 Heroic Points



Card 2: 2007 Topps Sterling Albert Pujols Framed Burgundy # 5/14 – Jersey Number, Plus 500 Heroic Points



Card 3: Redemption for Ted Williams 16×20 Autographed Hall of Fame Photo Green Diamond Holo & PSA/DNA LOA



Card 4: 1 Heroic Ticket into the Grand Prize Giveaway: A 1934 NY Yankees Team Signed Ball Featuring Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig, as Well as Weekly Drawings, Plus 5000 Heroic Points



Here’s how “Heroic Points” and “Heroic Tickets” are explained:

Heroic Points

Select Cards have point values – enter these online and compete on the Top 10 Leader Board which will be featured on There will be weekly awards as well as the grand finale awards in May of 2013 for the top 10 prizes including:

1st Place – Babe Ruth 1930’s Signed PSA/DNA Bat

Babe Ruth Bat

2nd Place – 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle PSA 3

3rd Place – Derek Jeter Game Used Bat with Steiner LOA

10 Total Prizes

Heroic Tickets

Select cards will be Heroic Ticket redemptions – enter these online and be eligible for weekly prizes as well as the grand finale drawing taking place in May of 2013 for the top 10 prizes including:

1st Place – Immaculate PSA/DNA NY Yankees Team Signed Ball with Ruth & Gehrig Signatures


2nd Place – 2010 Bowman Chrome Mike Trout Autograph Rookie Refractor BGS10

3rd Place – 1999 Upper Deck SP Derek Jeter RC BGS 9.5

10 Total Prizes

Our Thoughts:

Overall, we believe that Heroes of Sport Inc. has an interesting concept for a repack product. Not only do you have a chance at some huge hits, but there’s an online element to win prizes on a weekly basis or hit it big with the grand prizes. The leader board will be featured on and winners announced live on Blog TV, which will have many collectors following along.  The box we opened was very average, but there is still a ton of upside with this product. It will be fun to see more boxes ripped and be able to check out some of the hits that come out of it. It’s definitely a product for high end breakers.

What creator Will Jaimet had to say on the product:

Why he decided to get into the unopened product side of the business:

We decided to get into the manufacturing business to provide fellow hobbyists with the best experience when opening a box. It is our job as a company to care about the people we deal with by providing the best customer service, the best product, and the most exciting contests.

More details on The Game of Baseball Series 1 as well as the contest:

Our Heroic Points Competition is a challenge to see who can collect the most points and win prizes. On the backs of our cards are point values that can be scratched off and added to your user account. We will then have 16 consecutive weekly awards ceremonies starting January 22nd where we will be giving away 5 prizes each week. At the completion of the weekly drawings we will be giving away 10 Grand Finale prizes. First place is a Babe Ruth autographed bat, 2nd is a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle Rookie, and 3rd is a Derek Jeter game used bat.

Randomly inserted into our boxes are Heroic tickets. These are entries into 16 consecutive weekly drawings and a grand prize drawing with first place being a 1934 Yankees team signed ball with Ruth and Gehrig. You can go to our website and click on the “How It All Works” tab for a more detailed explanation.

Our boxes are loaded with great cards ranging from tobacco cards to the hottest players in the game today. There are also great memorabilia redemptions for game used bats, jerseys, and autographs. We are aware of the fact that many collectors have had poor experiences with redemptions in the past. We are committed to sending out redeemed memorabilia right away.

We built this company to bring some excitement and fun to the hobby. If anyone ever has any questions you can always shoot us an email at [email protected]

We have a limited amount of boxes available now – visit our product page for Heroes of Sport Baseball: The Game of Heroes Chapter 1.


4 Responses to Is There Room For Another Card Manufacturer?

  1. Ryan Dillman January 4, 2013 at 5:46 pm #

    Do they have stated odds for pulling big hits? How many boxes are being produced?

  2. dhenry9999 January 7, 2013 at 1:12 pm #

    I’m not interested at the price he’s asking for a box

  3. Steve January 8, 2013 at 12:14 pm #

    Looks like an interesting break to me. I might try a box.

  4. Greg March 30, 2013 at 12:52 am #

    The answer to the question is “Yes” as long they could produce a reasonable, quality card and buy the licences. MLB needs to limit the number of titles that the big companies put out by reducing the number of licences.Only then I could see a new manufacturer come in and be somewhat competitive to stay in buisness. I do not consider “Heroes of Sport” a card manufactuer though all they are is a second hand dealer that packages mystery packs and doesn’t have thier own unique line much like the tri-star packages.