Health Benefits of Collecting?

From time to time we get interesting e-mails sent to us from collectors around the world. We thought this one was too good not to share. One of our customers has found a way to improve his health through collecting, and sounds like he has had some fun along the way! This e-mail was received on 2/16/08 and was titled “A Beautiful Trifecta”.

Dear Dave and Adams Card World,

Last year during this time, I had major surgery in order to save my life. After spending a few weeks in the hospital, I got out and began to rehabilitate. I quit smoking ciggarettes and vowed to stay smoke free. To keep my mind off the bad habit I began to collect football cards again, specifically the 2006 NFL rookie class.

I spent a good amount of money on the boxes and ripped them open with my girlfriend, making great memories as well as bad ones, dud boxes are not fun. We pulled autographs of AJ Hawk, Mario Williams, Vince Young and basically got all autographs from the first round except a few key ingredients: Reggie Bush, Jay Cutler and Matt Leinart.

I literally gave up on these guys thinking I would never pull them out of the boxes and figured I would eventually buy them one day soon. Then I found your website and realized how great your deals were. You had me sold so I bought a few boxes of Sweet Spot 2006 Football along with Hot Prospects.

My girlfriend pulled a Danieal Manning 1 of 1 White Hot Prospect from the Hot Prospect box along with a Greg Jennings auto endorsement. I’m a die hard Bears fan so this was a great thrill for me and after pulling some cool helmet pieces from the Sweet Spot boxes, I had to have more.

I bought ten boxes of the Sweet Spot 2006 Football and did not tell my girlfriend how many I bought. I then would sneak out a few boxes and we would go to town. The first 5 boxes were great. We pulled Mike Vick, Stanlely Morgan, Jerious Norwood gold tier, Steve Smith Sweet Leather Sig numbered to 20, Tarvaris Jackson, Greg Jennings, 2 Santonio Holmes, Nat Moore, Lendale White and a few others. That was great, but little did I know what would be coming in the last 4 boxes.

I brought the box out and we cracked it open, and a little while later my girlfriend is standing there with a MATT LEINART AUTOGRAPHED HELMET! Wow, we finally got him and we were estatic. Later that night we tried our luck again and in the last pack there he was, JAY CUTLER AUTOGRAPHED HELMET! I had to keep my composure because my parents were sleeping but my girlfriends red hand after slapping high five expressed how happy we were.

Was I content? Yes, very much so and I was still riding the wave of excitement from pulling the Cutler and Leinart. The next day we tried another box and got a Johnathen Orr and Brandon Williams. They were good but I almost got greedy and I wanted to open the last box. My girlfriends advice was to wait another day and so we did.

The last box got cracked open and we got down to business. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine what happened next. My girlfriend and I saved the two packs with the helmet pieces for last. Her pick was a Mike Haas auto helmet piece and I was happy because he is no longer a Saint, he’s now a Chicago Bear. My turn was next and after pushing away the top two cards I was shocked to see a REGGIE BUSH AUTOGRAPHED HELMET PIECE! My girlfriend and I flipped out and went screaming mad when we saw what we did.

I’ve been lucky with cards my whole life but never this good. Thanks to DACARDWORLD, I now have completed my autograph collection of the top 15 picks of the 2006 Draft Class. God it was hard to pull Matt, Jay, and Reggie but thanks to you guys my mission has been acomplished and I am still smoke free after a year. All the money that would have gone to the nasty habit went to my collection, which I might say is a great piece of history in regards to the crop of players that have come from the 2006 Draft Class.

Many thanks to your staff and your company for your excellent customer service and trustworthy ways of business. Some card sharks dont always play right, but you guys are the real deal when it comes to Honorable ways of business dealings in regards to sports cards.

You have a customer for life with me and I thanks you all again for helping me complete my set and giving me memories that my girlfriend and I will remember forever.


Jeffrey B.

Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, Jay Cutler Autographed Upper Deck

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