Get Wrapped Up in the National Sports Collectors Convention

Electricity is in the air. The excitement builds as the 2016 National Sports Collectors Convention starts in a couple days.

It’s the Super Bowl of sports cards, the World Series of sports memorabilia. Memories will be made when the NSCC takes place in Atlantic City, NJ August 3-7.

Like Christmas, it only comes once a year and the major players in the card industry are sure to deliver some presents for attendants.

Panini, Upper Deck and Topps among other companies will have their annual wrapper redemptions set up at their respective booths. Collectors will have the chance to crack some of the latest products out on the market and receive packs with NSCC exclusive cards.

Here’s the breakdown for what products are eligible and what collectors can get their hands on:

Leaf Trading Cards Logo

If a case of the following product is busted at the Leaf booth collectors will receive a 2016 Best of the National box. Look out for graded rookies from names such as Michael Jordan, Steph Curry, Kobe Bryant and new NFL players. Autographs and memorabilia will also be obtainable in these boxes.

Participating Products:

2016 leaf Pop Century

2016 In The Game Used

2016 Leaf Metal Tennis

2016 Leaf U.S. Army All-American

2016 Leaf Genesis

If two boxes of the listed products are purchased and cracked at the Leaf booth collectors will take home a Babe Ruth Yankee Stadium Seat Card with a NSCC stamp.

Participating Products:

2016 Leaf Pop Century

2016 In the Game Used

2016 Leaf Metal Tennis

2016 Leaf Genesis

Special Poker Promotion:

 There’s opportunity to take some risks here, those participating in the redemption program can get comfortable at the Leaf poker table and play a hand of five-card draw. Each day the top three hands could grab some sealed boxes and signed memorabilia as a bonus gift.


Prominent Cuts Wrapper Redemption Program:

In order to get one of the 2016 Upper Deck Redemption pack be sure to purchase:

Any Ten (10) packs of:

  • 2015-16 Upper Deck Series Two Hockey
  • 2015-16 O-Pee-Chee Platinum Hockey

 Any Five (5) packs of:

  • 2015-16 Upper Deck Contours Hockey
  • 2015-16 ICE Hockey
  • 2015-16 Champs Hockey
  • 2015-16 SP Authentic Hockey
  • 2016 Goodwin Champions

Three of the redemption packs can be attained by purchasing:

  • 2015-16 UD Black Hockey

Case Breaker Promotion:

Break a case of any of these from a Certified Diamond Dealer:

  • 2015-16 Upper Deck Contours (16 box case)
  • 2015-16 O-Pee-Chee Platinum (16 count case)
  • 2015-16 ICE (8 count case)
  • 2015-16 SP Authentic (12 count case)
  • 2015-16 UD Black (4 count case)
  • 2016 Goodwin Champions (16 count case)

and collectors can grab:

  • (10) 2016 Upper Deck Wrapper Redemption packs
  • Case Breaker Raffle Ticket good for a random memorabilia item, premium hobby pack/box, premium trading card or Prominent Cuts VIP Autograph card. The item selected will be immediately available to the participant.

However, make note that this promotion has a limited run and will only be available to the first 100 people who choose to do it.


Wrapper Redemption:

This time around Topps will have 2016 Bowman “National” Refractors. A prism pattern that hasn’t been used in any other 2016 Bowman products will be used on these cards. The refractors along with rare parallels will be randomly inserted into the packs. Some players on the checklist include:

  • Kris Bryant
  • Bryce Harper
  • Hank Aaron
  • Mike Trout
  • Yoan Moncada
  • Alex Bregman

To get a four-card pack of the refractors collectors must open 10 sealed hobby packs of choice 2016 Topps products or five sealed hobby packs of 2015 Bowman’s Best or a 2016 Bowman product.


For Panini the wrapper redemption is fairly simple. A purchase of select sealed boxes will grant the collectors a chance at some of their silver wrapper-redemption packs. When the box is purchased a voucher will be given to the customer to take over to Panini’s both to get the packs.

The chart below identifies the 17 products that are eligible for the redemption packs and how many packs each product will get a collector:

Product Redemption Packs Received
2016 Donruss Baseball 4
2016 Diamond Kings Baseball 4
2016 Donruss Optic Baseball 3
2015-16 Donruss Basketball 4
2015-16 Revolution Basketball 5
2015-16 Clear Vision Basketball 6
2015-16 Black Gold Basketball 6
2016 Score Football 4
2016 Prime Signatures Football 6
2016 Classics Football 6
2016 Prestige Football 6
2016 Certified Football 3
2016 Clear Vision Football 5
2016 Contenders Draft Picks Football 10
2016 Prizm Collegiate Draft Picks Football 9
2016 Prizm NASCAR 3
2016 UEFA Euro Prizm 8

The news of Kevin Durant signing with the Golden State Warriors made quite the splash in not only the world of sports but also in the sports card industry. Panini will be making 2015-16 Luxe Basketball and 2015-16 Gala Basketball part of a promotion that will display special Durant Golden State Warriors cards. Rare autographed versions of the cards will be featured in these packs. this marks his first autographed cards in a Warriors jersey. Each one-card Durant pack will feature either a base version, a numbered orange, blue, purple, green or black parallel, a rare facsimile autograph version or one of the authentic autograph versions.

This how Panini is going to distribute these Durant packs each day:

2015-16 Luxe Basketball 5 redemption packs, 2 KD packs
2015-16 Gala Basketball 7 redemption packs, 2 KD packs


Redemption Program

Everyone loves a good raffle and this year Tristar will be giving away some great gifts at their booth. To get in on this, consumers will have to purchase one of the following products to be thrown into a raffle for some treasures:

  • 2015-16 Tristar Hidden Treasures The History of Football Autographed 8×10 Photo
  • Tristar Hidden Treasures Autographed Mini Helmet
  • 2016 Tristar Hidden Treasures Series 8 Autographed Baseball
  • Tristar Odyssey Football Flats

Drawings will be done every half hour. Listed below are just some of the awesome giveaways that Tristar plans on bringing to the NSCC:

  • Muhammad Ali Autographed 16×20 Photo
  • JJ Watt Autographed 16×20 Photo
  • Kevin Costner Autographed Jersey
  • Pamela Anderson Autographed 16×20 Photo
  • Joe Namath Autographed Full Size Helmet
  • Carlos Correa Autographed Bat

A couple things show goers should keep in mind if they’re going to participate is that all of the boxes and packs must be opened in front of a representative from each company in order to receive the redemptions. Another consideration to take is there may be a limited run of these redemptions so the quicker you act the better chance you have to get some cool cards you can only find at the 2016 NSCC.

Box and case purchases must also come from authorized distributors who are set up at the show.

Make the Dave and Adam’s booth your destination for these products. We want collectors to get the full experience of the show and what better way than to have some fun with your favorite hobby at our booth.


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