First Pitch inserts return for 2016 Topps Series 1 Baseball

One of the more unique and attention grabbing cards to come out of last year were the First Pitch inserts in 2015 Topps Baseball. The 15-card set captured ceremonial first pitches thrown by various celebrities during the 2014 MLB season. Last year’s set in 2015 Series 1 Baseball included the likes of Eddie Vedder, Jeff Bridges and Jack White with an additional set produced for Series 2.

Topps is revisiting the concept with a 20-card First Pitch insert set in 2016 Series 1 Baseball. This year’s set features a wide range of personalities to throw out first pitches at MLB games during 2015. The checklist includes celebrities (James Taylor, LeVar Burton, Carrie Brownstein), athletes from other sports (Abby Wambach, Kristaps Porzingis, Jordan Spieth) and even 108-year-old Evelyn Jones who became the oldest person to throw out a first pitch at MLB game last year at Safeco Field in Seattle.

Here’s the complete checklist:

FP-1 Abby Wambach, New York Mets® Soccer Player
FP-2 Gabrielle Giffords, New York Mets® Politician
FP-3 Don Cherry, Toronto Blue Jays® Broadcaster
FP-4 Mo’ne Davis, Boston Red Sox® Pitcher
FP-5 Evelyn Jones, Seattle Mariners™
FP-6 Bree Morse, Angels® Miss California
FP-7 Jordan Spieth, Boston Red Sox® Golfer
FP-8 Kristaps Porzingis, New York Mets® New York Basketball Draft Pick
FP-9 Victor Espinoza, New York Mets® Jockey
FP-10 Johnny Knoxville, Los Angeles Dodgers® Actor
FP-11 James Taylor, Boston Red Sox® Singer
FP-12 Bud Selig, Milwaukee Brewers™ Former MLB® Commissioner
FP-13 LeVar Burton, Chicago White Sox® Actor
FP-14 Hayley Atwell, Kansas City Royals® Actor
FP-15 Bill Withers, Seattle Mariners™ Singer
FP-16 Steve Aoki, Los Angeles Dodgers® Musician
FP-17 Carrie Brownstein, Seattle Mariners™ Actor
FP-18 Rebekah Gregory, Houston Astros®
FP-19 Tony Hawk, San Diego Padres™ Skateboarder
FP-20 IronE Singleton, Miami Marlins® Actor

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