Eisner Begins to Outline Future Plans

Michael Eisner recently did an interview with the Financial Times where he talked about expanding the Topps Brand.

In the article Eisner talked about the creation and expansion of Etopps:

Figuring heavily in his expansion plan is the development of “eTopps”, an online sports marketplace, where “you can track and buy new issue cards”. He says the service, which was developed with eBay, is a “real market . . . we are going to take it and turn it into a place where parents can teach their children how to invest and learn about it through sport”.

There will also be a “sports index that is only based on the value of cards that have been sold for the last 10 years. I believe my obsession can turn eTopps into the fundamental place to instruct kids in the financial markets.”

He also briefly talked about the idea of turning Topps into a world wide brand, including working the Premiere League:

It is also a game with global appeal. “We want [Topps] to be stronger in other countries,” he says, adding that the Premier League’s popularity throughout Europe and Asia will help the company enter new markets.

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