Dick Vitale Signs with Donruss

From Donruss.com-

Arlington, TX – Officials at Donruss announced today that the newest member of the Basketball Hall of Fame, Dick Vitale, has signed his very first autograph agreement with the company. Donruss recently completed the signing with the enthusiastic Vitale, known for his catch phrases and high-energy commentary for ESPN.

“It’s amazing that in the competitive basketball market you can still find someone this popular that hasn’t had a certified autograph card,” said Marketing Director Scott Prusha. “This is another FIRST for the industry and another way we are creatively providing content that nobody else has to make the Americana and Elite Extra Edition Series the most popular in the industry.”

Dick Vitale will make his debut in Donruss Americana II, set to release this summer. He is also set to make an appearance in the popular collegiate themed product, Donruss Elite Extra Edition. Vitale signed stickers as well as several of his catch-phrase notations on cuts including: “Its Awesome Baby” , “Dickie V” , “Mr. College Basketball” and “Dipsy Doo Dunkeroo”.

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  1. NTXCoog April 18, 2008 at 12:06 am #

    I don’t have anything against Vitale, but until Guy V Lewis makes the Basketball Hall of Fame, it is incomplete. I was happy to see Hakeem make it. Now it’s time to put in his coach.