Dave & Adam’s announces $200K bounty for Babe Ruth 1/1 from 23 Bowman Chrome Baseball

By David Yarger

Co-Host The Chase

With the release of 2023 Bowman Chrome Baseball in sight next week, Dave & Adam’s is at it again with another bounty. 

Collectors, I’m sure you remember the $250,000 bounty we set out for the one-of-one Druw Jones Autographed Superfractor out of 2023 Bowman Baseball. This time, Dave & Adam’s is setting its focus on one of the most intriguing additions to this year’s Bowman Chrome Baseball release. 

This year, Chrome is dropping First Bowman cards of three players that never had the chance to have a First Bowman. Those players include Roberto Clemente, Johnny Bench and the Great Bambino – Babe Ruth. 

We didn’t know that our owner Adam Martin is such a big Ruth collector, but it was brought to our attention after seeing the checklist. So, for Adam, we are putting out a $200,000 bounty on the Ruth Bowman Chrome Prospect Retrofractor one-of-one Superfractor from 2023 Bowman Chrome Baseball. 

We know that Adam also collects Clemente as well, so who knows if we’ll see a bounty for that one-of-one coming as well.

The intriguing part of these one-of-one RetroFractors is that they are only available in hobby boxes and not HTA. So, this sought-after Ruth card will only be found from a hobby box. 

Another intriguing feature to the Ruth card is that, since Ruth’s first team was technically the Boston Red Sox, the card will feature Ruth in his Bo-Sox jersey. 

The chase for the Sultan of Swat begins Wednesday, Sept. 13, with the release of 2023 Bowman Chrome Baseball. Collectors, best of luck. 

Bowman Chrome Additional Information

As the chase for the Babe begins, another huge prospect to be on the look for is San Diego Padres top prospect Ethan Salas. Salas is 17 years old and quickly moving through the Padres farm system, currently already in double-A. 

Salas is currently the fifth ranked prospect in baseball. His ETA to arrive in the bigs is 2026 according to MLB.com, but the way he’s progressed through the minors so quickly, it could be even sooner.

Salas has autos in Panini baseball products, but this will be his First Bowman. 

On top of that, Pearl Packs are back for this year’s product. 

Look for Bowman Pearl Packs which will fall randomly in boxes of 2023 Bowman Chrome at roughly one in every 10 hobby cases. Each four-card Pearl Pack will come with one exclusive base set pearl refractor and three exclusive chrome prospect pearl refractors.

Making a presence in this year’s product will also be the rare and limited Hidden Gems short print. This card made a debut in the recent release of 2022/23 Topps UEFA Women’s Champions League Soccer. 

In every Chrome hobby, there will be two autographs and one prospect shimmer parallel per box. In HTA, collectors can find three autographs per box. 

To put in a pre-sale order of 2023 Bowman Chrome Baseball Hobby or HTA, visit Dave & Adam’s website.  

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