2016 Topps WWE Undisputed preview

Topps laid the smackdown on wrestling collectors last year when they released their first high-end WWE product, 2015 Undisputed. Fans and collectors rushed to pin down autographs from a deep checklist of WWE Superstars and Legends. 2016 Topps WWE Undisputed will have a similar configuration with the promise of a hit per pack, including six autographs and two auto relics per ten-pack box.

16WWEU_7007_Base_LESNAR 16WWEU_7008_Base_PIPER 16WWEU_7014_NXTProspects_BALOR16WWEU_7015_DivasEvolution_PAIGE 16WWEU_7016_UndisputedTagTeams_F

A total of 100 cards make up the base set, which will cover past and present WWE Superstars. There are three set of insert to compliment the base set: NXT Prospects, Divas Revolution and Undisputed Tag Teams. Base cards and inserts have five levels of numbered parallels: WWE Tag Team Championship Bronze (#’d to 99), Divas Championship Silver (#’d to 66), United States Championship Blue: (#’d to 25), Intercontinental Championship Gold (#’d to 10) and WWE World HEavyweight Championship Red (#’d 1/1).

16WWEU_7010_UndisputedAuto_REIGNS 16WWEU_7011_UndisputedAuto_STING 16WWEU_7012_UndisputedAuto_BAYLEY

The bulk of the autograph content in 2016 Undisputed comes in the form of Undisputed Autographs. New for 2016 is the fact that base autographs are numbered out of 299. Autographs also have five levels of numbered parallels that are similar to base card parallels  with the only difference of Divas Silver parallel being numbered out of 50.

16WWEU_7002_FactionTripleAutoBk_MOCK 16WWEU_7005_FamilyTiesDualAuto_FLAIR

Low-numbered autograph hits include Faction Triple Autograph booklets, which are numbered out of ten. Family Ties Dual autos feature two superstars that happen to be related and are numbered to 25. One-of-one hits include Autographs Superstar Sketch cards with hand-drawn or painted artwork done by WWE personalities and Tribute Cut Signatures from legendary wrestlers.

16WWEU_7013_UndisputedAutoRelic_CENA 16WWEU_7001_AutoDivaKissShirtRelicBk_MOCK

Undisputed Autograph Relics feature a wrestler signature plus a swatch of clothing or costumer. These have five levels of parallels that are the same as Undisputed autographs. Undisputed Relics are numbered out of 175 for 2016. The popular Divas Kiss cards make their way to Undisputed. WWE Divas have lent their lip prints to Divas Kiss and Clothing Relic book cards, which also include an autograph, a jumbo-sized relic swatch and are numbered out of five.

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