2016 Topps Star Wars Masterwork preview

Topps’s high-end product devoted to the Star Wars franchise, Star Wars Masterworks, returns for a second year. Every master box comes with a pair of mini boxes with a hit inside each mini box (autograph, relic or sketch card).

16SWMW_Base_F_HanSolo 16SWMW_Base_F_KyloRen16SWMW_ShowOfForce_F_YODA 16SWMW_GreatRivalries_F

Masterworks’s base set features 75 cards printed on think 72-point stock. Base cards have five levels of parallels: Blue Metallic (1 per mini-box), Silver Metallic (#’d to 99), Green Metallic (#’d to 50), Lightsaber Purple (#’d to 25) and Gold (#”d 1/1). There are short-printed versions to chase as well. Masterworks also has three inserts sets, Great Rivalries, Aliens & Creatures and Show of Force. Inserts have five levels of parallels: Rainbow Foil, Canvas, Wood, Metal and Gold.

swmasterworks1 16SWMW_TripleAutograph_F_HamillRoyBaker

Star Wars Masterworks will once again have a deep checklist of autograph subjects with 70 different signers contributing on-card signatures. There single, dual and triple auto cards with various parallels for each.


Topps has collected several new pieces of Star Ware movie memorabilia to include in relic cards for Masterworks. The most intriguing piece is the actual Death Star from Return of the Jedi. These will be rare hits with even rare auto relic versions, including triple auto relics.

16SWMW_FirstOrderTrooperRelic_F 16SWMW_StampRelic_F

Additional new costume and relic hits in Masterworks include Stormtrooper costume pieces, Bespin Guard uniform costume pieces, Star Wars stamp cards and Medallion cards.

16SWMW_SketchCard_F_DARTHMAUL 16SWMW_SketchCard_F_ObiWanKenobi

Sketch cards provide more unique hits with stunning hand-drawn pieces of artwork featuring Star Wars characters.

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