2016 Topps Opening Day Baseball offers Mascot card inserts

2016 Topps Opening Day Baseball hit our shelves today (March 16), and inside you’ll find a 25-card set saluting some of the most familiar faces at MLB ballparks, the team mascots.

Topps has included some of baseball’s most famous team mascots as part of the set, including the Phillie Phanatic, Clark The Bear from the Chicago Cubs, Billy the Marlin and the L.A. Angels’ Rally Monkey. Two mascots make their ever appearance on a Topps trading card, Mrs. Met and the Milwaukee Brewers’ Hank the Ballpark Pup. Mrs. Met is the better half of New York Mets mascot Mr. Met. Hank the Ballpark Pup joined the Brewers organization two years ago after being found at the team’s spring training facility in 2014.

Here’s the complete checklist of mascot cards in 2016 Opening Day:

M-1 Paws™ Detroit Tigers®
M-2 Billy the Marlin™ Miami Marlins®
M-3 Rally Monkey™ Angels®
M-4 Wally the Green Monster™ Boston Red Sox®
M-5 Mr. Red™ Cincinnati Reds®
M-6 Mascot Arizona Diamondbacks®
M-7 Orbit™ Houston Astros®
M-8 Clark™ Chicago Cubs®
M-9 Mrs. Met™ New York Mets®
M-10 TC Bear™ Minnesota Twins®
M-11 Mascot Atlanta Braves™
M-12 Slider™ Cleveland Indians®
M-13 Dinger™ Colorado Rockies™
M-14 Mascot Kansas City Royals®
M-15 Hank the Ballpark Pup™ Milwaukee Brewers™
M-16 Phillie Phanatic™ Philadelphia Phillies®
M-17 Pirate Parrot™ Pittsburgh Pirates®
M-18 Swinging Friar™ San Diego Padres™
M-19 Mariner Moose™ Seattle Mariners™
M-20 Fredbird™ St. Louis Cardinals®
M-21 Mascot Chicago White Sox®
M-22 Mascot Oakland Athletics™
M-23 Raymond™ Tampa Bay Rays™
M-24 Rangers Captain™ Texas Rangers®
M-25 Mascot Toronto Blue Jays®

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