2016 Topps Heritage Baseball preview

Topps is continuing the tradition of honoring its past with 2016 Heritage Baseball. We have reached the year 1967 in Heritage’s progression through Topps’s early baseball sets (the first Heritage set in 2001 started with the 1952 Topps design) with a player image, the player’s name and position at the top of the card, the player’s team name in colored block letters on the bottom and a printed player signature just above the team name.


The base set features a total 500 cards with 425 regular base cards plus 75 high-numbered short prints. Variations of the base set include Throwback Uniforms, Action Images and Team Name Color variations. There are three sets of parallel cards to chase as well. All 500 base cards have a Red Back parallel versions plus 100 Mini cards numbered out of 100 and 100 Chrome cards. The Chrome sets comes in four different levels: Chrome Refractor (#’d to 567), Black-Bordered (#’d to 67), Gold-Bordered (#’d to 5) and Hot Box Refractors found only in hot boxes.


2016 Heritage has four sets of inserts cards to collect. New Age Performers highlights current players that have outshined those that have come before them. Then and Now compares and contrasts players from 1967 to today’s players. Baseball Flashbacks recalls ten memorable moments from the 1967 MLB season. News Flashbacks recalls ten newsworthy moments from around the globe in 1967.


Autograph cards in 2016 Heritage feature on-card signatures. Real One Autographs are signed versions of base cards and feature current and retired players. Real One Special Edition autos are signed in red ink and are hand-numbered out of 67. Real One Dual autos are hand-numbered out of 25, and Triple autos are numbered to just five. Clubhouse Collection and Flashbacks auto relics are numbered out of 25. Clubhouse Collection dual auto relics are numbered out of ten. Look for rare, one-of-one cut signatures from 1967 baseball personalities and celebrities as well.


Clubhouse Collection relic cards come in single, Dual (#’d to 67), Triple (#’d to 25) and Quad (#’d to 10) relic formats. Single relic cards have Gold parallel versions are numbered to 99. ’67 Mint relics come with a coin minted in that year (Nickel #’d to 15, Dime #’d to 10, Quarter #’d to 5 and Half Dollar #’d 1/1). 1967 U.S. Postage Stamp relic cards are numbered to 50 and pair memorable moments or players with stamps released in 1967.

Hobby boxes of 2016 Topps Heritage Baseball come packed with a box loader that can be either an Ad Panel three-card strip, original 1967 Topps cards with a special foil stamp, a posted using the 1967 Topps design or a Punch-Outs card using the design from the 1967 Topps Punch-Outs game. Find signed versions of 1967 posters numbered out of ten or jumbo patch (#’d to 25), autograph (#’d to 10) and jumbo patch auto (#’d to 10) parallel versions of Punch-Out cards.

2016 Topps Heritage Baseball Hobby Box

2016 Topps Heritage Baseball Hobby Box

Product Features
  • 24 Packs Per Box, 9 Cards Per Pack
  • One Autograph or Relic Card Per Box!
  • Try for HOT BOXES with Refractors!
  • Look for Dual and Triple Real One Autos!
  • Collect '67 Mint Inserts!
$349.95 $289.95

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