2016 Topps Chrome Baseball preview

2016 Topps Chrome Baseball, a staple for baseball collectors, features the best and brightest from 2016 Topps Series 1 & 2 on the company’s familiar Chrome technology. Hobby boxes will come two autographs each.


The base set for Topps Chrome includes 200 cards made up from subjects that appeared in Series 1 & 2. The main attraction of Chrome Baseball is the various levels of parallels for each base card. You can chase nine different types of Refractor parallels: Refractor, Prism Refractor, Purple (#’d), Blue (#’d), Green (#’d), Gold (#’d to 50), Orange (Hobby exclusive, #’d to 25), Red (#’d to 5), SuperFractor (#’d 1/1). There are also one-of-one printing plates for each base card, plus select hobby boxes will be hot boxes with all base cards replaced by exclusive Black Refractor parallels. Base card image variations will also be available.

2301_16TCBB_YouthImpact_SEAGER 2201_16TCBB_FutureStars_BRYANT

Inserts in Topps Chrome focus on the top young stars in the game. Youth Impact highlights the top 2016 rookies, and Future Stars singles out additional top up-and-coming players. Both sets have Green, Oranges, Red and SuperFractor parallels. The popular First Pitch inserts from Series 1 & 2 get the Chrome treatment for the first time, commemorating famous personalities to throw out the first pitch at an MLB game. Look for Orange, Red and SuperFractor First Pitch parallels.

3303_16TCBB_ROYChronicles_POSEY 3309_16TCBB_ROYChronicles_ICHIRO

A special case hit insert is the new ROY (Rookie of the year) Chronicles. These will feature current MLB players that have won the honor in their career. This will include players that won either American League or National League Rookie of the Year as well as the overall MLB ROY. ROY Chronicles have three levels of numbered parallels: Orange (#’d to 25), Red (#’d to 5) and SuperFractor (#’d 1/1). There are also signed versions of ROY Chronicles with on-card autographs. Parallel versions are the same for the signed cards with the addition of one-of-one printing plates.


Speaking of rookies of the year. 2015 AL Rookie of the Year, Carlos Correa, will have signed editions of his 2015 Topps Chrome card inserted into boxes of 2016 Chrome Baseball. Correa, who is a Topps-exclusive signer, signed his Chrome too late last season to be included in 2015 Chrome.


Signed versions of 2016 Chrome base cards include seven levels of numbered parallels: Refractor, Purple, Blue, Gold, Orange (hobby exclusive, #’d to 25), Red (#’d to 5), SuperFractor (hobby only, #’d 1/1) plus one-of-one printing plates.

3201_16TCBB_MLBDebut_TROUT 3501_16TBB1_TeamLogoPin_WRIGHT

Topps Chrome three additional sets of low-numbered autographs cards. MLB Debut autos is take off of an insert set from Series 1. Youth Impact highlights top MLB rookies. Team Logo autographs include an team logo pin of the player’s respective team. All three sets have Orange, Red and SuperFractor numbered parallels. Look for dual autograph cards as well.

2016 Topps Chrome Baseball Hobby Box

2016 Topps Chrome Baseball Hobby Box

Product Features
  • Two Autograph Cards Per Box!
  • Look for Carlos Correa Rookie Autograph Cards!

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