2016 Leaf Enshrined Hockey preview

2016 Leaf Enshrined Hockey focuses on hockey players that have been inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. It’s return of a product originally produced by In The Game back in 2010. Every box comes with four cards.

16enshrined11 16enshrined2 16enshrined6

Topping the autograph content in Enshrined are Hallowed Hall Signatures. These feature an image of the player as if they were on a wooden plaque with a gold nameplate-looking space for the signature. Signature Blade are auto relic that include a piece of hockey stick blade from a Hall of Famer. Signature Showcase provide more auto relic hits, including more inductee, such as, Pavel Bure, Igor Larionov and Mario Lemieux.

16enshrined4 16enshrined7

Memorabilia sets include Induction Showcase, which goes deep into the Hall’s history to honor some of its first inductees. Silverware honors former hockey trophy winners. Hall Patch feature stunning patch relics. Retired Numbers highlight players that have had their jersey numbers retired by the teams they’ve played for.

Multi-relic hits come in different quantities. Class Of features a pair of relics from two players that were part of the same induction class. Enshrined Exhibit and Mount Rushmore are quad relic hits. Silverware Seasons features relics from six players to win hockey trophies in the same season. Enshrined 8 are octo-relic cards. Enshrined 8 All-Star Seasons include all-star jersey relics from a specific year from eight different players.

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