2015 Topps Valor Football preview

Topps’s artistic take on the the warlike qualities represented on the football field, Valor, returns for 2015 with a new batch exceptional looking designs. 2015 Topps Valor Football will include four hits per box, including an autograph and an auto relic.


The base set for Valor is made up of 100 veteran or retired players plus 50 rookies, including number one overall pick Jameis Winston. Speed parallels will land one per hobby pack to go along with six additional levels of numbered parallels: Strength, Courage, Discipline, Glory, Valor and Heart (#’d 1/1).


Forty players will have Valor autograph cards in this year’s set. Valor autos have five levels of numbered parallels, including Discipline parallels numbered to 25 and one-of-one Heart parallels.

There are three additional sets of autographed content that are exclusive to Hobby boxes. Alliance Autographs are multi-player autos featuring teammates. Dual (II) and Triple (III) Alliance autos are numbered to ten and Quad (IV) Alliance autos are numbered to just five.


Gridiron Warriors are a new insert set that highlight current and former players that display toughness on the field. Signed versions are numbered to 25.

Battle Anthem Autographs put a unique spin on autograph inscriptions. Players signed in silver ink on a black card and include an inscription of the name of player’s favorite song that listen to before a game to get pumped up. These are hard to find one-of-ones.

3001_ShieldofHonor_Cooper 3101_BattlePaintAutoRelic_White

Shield of Honor autograph patch cards are one of the auto relic card that can be found one per box. Patch cards have fine levels of numbered parallels. Battle Paint auto relics (#’d to 2) come with an eye black sticker that has an inscription on it.

Valor Jumbo Relic die-cuts include jumbo-sized jersey swatches. Numbered parallels include one-of-one Nike Laundry Tag and multi-color patch versions. Valor Patch cards have five levels of numbered parallels.


Battle Cry inserts showcase 15 different players with images of the player showing some kind of emotion on the field.

2015 Topps Valor Football Hobby Box

2015 Topps Valor Football Hobby Box

Product Features
  • 1 Autograph Card
  • 1 Autograph RELIC Card
  • 1 Jumbo Relic Card and Patch card per box

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