2015 Topps UFC Knockout preview

2015 Topps UFC Knockout will hit the mat this spring with some brand new autographed relic cards that will be a big kick for MMA collectors. Each box packs the punch of ten hits, including three autographs, two auto relics and five relic cards.

The base cards set features 100 of the top UFC fighters on the planet. There is one numbered parallel card per pack from one of four levels: Silver, Gold (#’d to 99), Red (#’d to 8) and Mat (printed on simulated mat stock #’d 1/1).

15UFCK_1001_Base_ALDO 15UFCK_1002_Base_HENRICKS

New for the 2015 release of UFC Knockout are Museum Collection Autograph and Memorabilia cards. Museum Collection Autographs feature signatures from 25 different fighters and are framed in one of three different colors: Silver (#’d to 15), Gold (#’d to 10) and Black (#’d to 5). Museum Memorabilia are one-of-one autographed relic cards with an oversized piece of a fight-worn glove with a fighter’s signature in silver ink.

15UFCK_2601_MuseumCollectionAuto_ST-PIERRE 15UFCK_4501_MuseumMem_RUA

Momentous Material Jumbo Relic Cards contain jumbo-sized mat swatches from memorable UFC, Strikeforce and WEC events. Basic versions are numbered to 25 with Ruby parallels numbered to eight and one-of-one Emerald parallels. Momentous Material Glove Patch Relics are special one-of-one memorabilia cards with wrist straps from fighter-worn gloves.


2015 Topps UFC Knockouts has its fair share of multi-relic cards. Significant Swatches Triple Relics comes in both signed and unsigned versions. Unsigned versions come numbered to 50 with three levels of parallels numbered to 25 or less. Autographed Triple Relics are numbered to 20 with Ruby parallels numbered to eight and one-of-one Emerald parallels. Primary Pieces Quad Relics unite a quartet of fighters with a swatch of fight-worn gear from each. These are numbered to 50 with parallels numbered to 25 or less.

Dynamic Duels Duals Relics commemorate memorable fights with relic pieces from each fighter involved. Signed versions of these cards are numbered to ten. Look for special Dynamic Duel Dual Auto Relic Book cards numbered to five.

Additional relic cards include Fight Mat Relics that have swatches from fight-used canvas. Basic versions are numbered with parallels numbered to 88 or less. Knockout Relics contain swatches of fighter-worn clothing. There are also autographed versions with limited parallels. Championship Belt Plate Relic cards feature replicas of UFC championship belt plates. Unsigned versions contain a piece a of fight-used mat and are numbered to 50. Versions with a signature in place of the mat piece are numbered to eight.

There is also a large selection of autograph cards. The most basic of these are Knockout Autographs, which feature signatures from over 40 fighters. Fighters signing for the first time will have a special “First Issue” notation on their card. Red parallels are numbered to eight and Mat parallels are numbered one-of-one.

Brand new Scarlet Signatures are signed in red ink and come numbered to 50 or less. There also versions that come with a relic piece that are numbered to ten.


Dynamic Duels Dual, Three of a Kind Triple and Six Sigs are all multi-autograph cards that are numbered to ten or less. Thoughts of the Boss Dual Autograph Cards make their debut in Knockout with a fighter’s signature paired with that of UFC Preisdent Dana White. White contributes commentary about the fighter on the back of the card.

15UFCK_4201_DynamicDuelsDualAuto_JAMES-CORMIER 15UFCK_2401_ThoughtsFromTheBoss_ROUSEY

Topps has included 20 redemption cards that are good for an autographed fight-used glove from one of top names in UFC. Special boxes will contain an oversized Fistograph card that is numbered to ten. These cards contain an on-card signature and an imprint of the fighter’s fist.


2015 Topps UFC Knockout Hobby Box

2015 Topps UFC Knockout Hobby Box

Product Features
  • 10 Packs Per Box
  • 5 Cards Per Pack
  • 10 HITS PER BOX!!!!

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