2015 Topps UFC Chronicles preview

2015 Topps UFC Chronicles is a brand new ultimate fighting release the traces the history of the sport’s #1 promotion. Hobby boxes come with a whopping 400 cards (10 packs, 40 cards per), including five autographs or relics.

1001_FighterCards_Cormier 1002_FighterCards_DosAnjos 1003_FighterCards_Hughes

The expansive base set boasts 300 cards that cover fighters and other UFC personalities, memorable UFC fights and a look back at The Ultimate Fighter reality program. Each pack comes with five parallel cards from one of six levels: Silver, Green (#’d to 288), Black and White (#’d to 188), Gold (#’d to 88). Red (#’d to 8) and Sepia (#’d 1/1).

3401_OctagonofHonorAuto_Silva 3001_ChroniclesAuto_StPierre 3201_FightingLegacyDualAuto_Belfort_Johnson

Leading the autograph content are Chronicles Autographs, which features a checklist of about 50 different fighter and other personalities connected to UFC. Auto cards have Red (#’d to 8) and Sepia (#’d 1/1) parallel versions. Octagon of Honor autos highlight some of best to step the inside the cage and are numbered to 25. Look for Victorious Debut and Fight Legacy Dual autos as well with both sets numbered to 25.

4001_ChroniclesAutoRelics_VanZant 6005_VictoriousDebutMedallion_Rousey

Chronicles Relics and Autograph Relics features fight-worn memorabilia. Both signed and unsigned relic cards have Red (#’d to 8) and Sepia (#’d 1/1) parallel versions. Chronicles Dual Relics feature two memorabilia swatches that were either opponents or partners. Dual auto relics are numbered to ten. UFC Chronicles also fight mat relic cards, which come in signed and unsigned versions, that highlights 15 different fighters. A special case hit memorabilia card are Victorious Debut Manufactured Medallions. These were designed to commemorate the debut match for several UFC fighters and a medallion that indicates how victory was achieved.


Inserts in 2015 Topps UFC Chronicles include Victorious Debut, which feature fighters that won in their first fight. Octagon of Honor pays tribute to 15 fighters that are either Hall of Famers, champions, winners of The Ultimate Fighter and/or record breakers. Climbing the Ranks showcase up-and-coming fighters. Fight Poster Review recreate memorable fight posters.

Topps has included a Buyback program for 2015 UFC Chronicles. These can include boxes, packs, sets and stamped single cards. Buyback cards may include relics or autographs.

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