2015 Topps Triple Threads Football preview

Triple Threads has been a Topps staple for nearly a decade, and every year it produces some of the most unique and interesting looking memorabilia cards. 2015 Triple Threads Football features the traditional master box/mini box configuration with two autographs and two relics per master box.

Note: All images are from pre-production. The finished product will contain images of players wearing NFL uniforms.

The base set for 2015 Triple Threads has 100 subjects, including current and retired stars. There are six levels of numbered parallels to chase plus one-of-one printing plates.


At the heart of Triple Threads Football are the Autograph Triple Threads Relics. Base Rookie Auto Relics are numbered to 99 and feature a variety of parallels, including Purple (#’d to 70), Emerald (#’d to 50), Gold (#’d to 25), Ruby (#’d to 15) and Sapphire Patch (#’d to 10). Onyx and Pigskin parallels are all one-of-ones (Silver, Gold, Silver Rainbow Foil and Gold Rainbow Foil), and contain different combinations of relics (patch, glove, hat or football). Look for the famous Triple Threads White Whale one-of-one printing plates.


Triple Threads Auto Relics feature both rookie and veteran players and contain a patch piece plus two jersey swatches to go along with a signature. Basic versions are numbered to 18 with four levels of parallels. Triple Threads Auto Relic Trios take autos and swatches from three different players and put them together.


Auto Relic Pairs booklets come with a signature and three memorabilia pieces from two different players. Basic versions are numbered to 36 with Gold (#’d to 18), Sapphire (#’d to 3) and Onyx Patch parallels (#’d 1/1). Jumbo Plus Auto Relic booklets (#’d to 3) include a jumbo-sized relic piece plus two smaller swatches, and an autograph. Letter Plus versions include a letter patch from a jersey nameplate. Jumbo and Letter Plus booklets also have one-of-one Onyx parallels.

You can also find auto relics with a singular swatch of jersey. Base versions of Unity Relic Autographs are numbered to 99 with Purple (#’d to 75), Emerald (#’d to 50), Gold (#’d to 25), Sapphire (#’d to 10) and Onyx Patch (#’d 1/1) parallels.

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Triple Threads has some unique autograph cards that aren’t found in other products. Triple Threads Transparencies feature rookie autos on acetate stock. Emerald parallels come numbered to 15 and Onyx are one-of-ones. Hand Stamped Autograph Cards (#’d to 25) are jumbo-sized autograph cards that come with a stamp of the player’s hand print. In honor of Topps’s 60th anniversary of making football trading cards, Topps 60th Gridiron Legends Autographs feature signatures from football greats. These are numbered to 25 with one-of-one Onyx parallels.

Relic only cards include versions with three swatches from the same player and swatches from three different players. Both come numbered to 36 with five levels of parallels numbered to 27 or less, including one-of-0ne Onyx Patch versions. Rookie jumbo relics come with single jumbo-sized watch from a first year player. Base versions are numbered to 99 with levels of parallels numbered to 75 or less.


2015 Triple Threads Football also has some special one-of-one relics that are popular with collectors. Triple Threads NFL Shields come with the NFL logo shield from the collar of a player’s jersey plus two additional swatches. Jumbo Patch Combos booklet feature three large patch swatches from three different players.


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  1. Denis Milos May 21, 2015 at 2:46 pm #

    I wish I had the money to buy myself a case or even a box, The cards look sick.