2015 Topps Triple Threads Baseball preivew

Topps Triple Threads Baseball celebrates its tenth anniversary this year and Topps has some special plans for the 2015 edition of the product to celebrate.

2001_10thAnniversaryDecaThreadsAutoRelics_Trout 4601_10thAnniversaryDecaThreadsRelicCombos_BOOK

2015 Topps Triple Threads Baseball pays tribute to its decade of existence with 10th Anniversary Deca Threads relic cards. These booklet cards have ten different relic swatches. Deca Relics features ten swatches from the same player while Deca Relic Combos highlight ten players with a relic swatch from each. Both styles of Deca Threads have signed and unsigned versions plus Gold Parallels numbered to five and one-of-one Ruby Parallels.

1003_Base_Kershaw 1001_Base_Cabrerra

The base set has 100 cards that cover baseball stars from the past and present. Base cards have seven levels of parallels numbered to 325 or less along with one-of-one printing plates.


Complimenting the base set are Rookies & Future Phenoms Autographed Relic Base Cards. These highlight over 50 rising stars in baseball. Basic versions are numbered to 99 with five levels of parallels numbered to 75 or less. Black Background Parallels (#’d to 35) are signed using silver ink. Ruby and Wood parallels are numbered one-of-one, just like the “White Whale” Printing Plates (four per player).

3301_RelicsLegends_Schmidt 2301_AutoRelics_Robinson

The traditional Triple Thread relic cards return with die-cut pieces that spell out some kind of phrase that relates to the player(s) pictured on the card. There are 150 different Triple Threads Relics cards using 50 different players. There’s an additional 20 Triple Threads Relic Legends. Triple Threads Relics are numbered to 36 with five levels of parallels numbered to 27 or less. A total of 65 players have Triple Threads Autographed Relics with 200 different cards making up the set. Signed versions are numbered to just 18 and four levels of parallels numbered to nine or less.

3401_RelicsCombos_Bautista_Trout_Jones 2401_AutoRelicsCombos_Aaron_Griffey_Trout

Triple Threads Relic Combos come with relic swatches from three different players. Autographed Relic Combos add a signature from each player to go along with the relic piece.

2015 Topps Triple Threads Baseball has several special hard to find, low-numbered triple relic cards that come one unique relic piece and two jersey swatches.


Triple Threads Letter Plus Relics are book cards with a letter patch from a jersey nameplate plus two additional relic pieces. Letter Plus Autographed Relics are numbered to only three plus a one-of-one Ruby parallel.

There are ten one-of-one Triple Threads Cut Above Cut Signature cards with a die-cut signature of a legendary player along with three relic swatches. Dual Cut Above book cards have a pair of cut signatures plus six relics.

Jumbo Plus Relics are booklets that come with a jumbo-sized relic as one of its three. Regular and autographed versions are numbered to three with one-of-one Ruby parallels.


Bat relic pieces are also available to find in Triple Threads. Look for one-of-one booklets with bat nameplates or bat knobs.


Triple patch three-panel book cards include a jersey letter and a hat logo. Jumbo Patch Combos also come with three patches, but from three different players. Only ten Jumbo Patch Combos were produced so they will be very hard to find.


Triple Thr3Ds are new 3D Lenticular cards that come with three relic swatches.


Triple Threads Baseball also has a series of patch cards from the MLB All-Star Game. All-Star Patches are numbered to nine and use patches from the All-Star Game workout jerseys. Jumbo Sleeve Patches, Jumbo Sleeve Team Patches, MLB Logo Patch and Laundry Tags are all one-of-one editions with 50 different total cards for each style of patch/tag.

4501_JumboRelicUnity_Braun 2701_JumboAutoUnity_Stanton

Unity Single Jumbo Relics come with just one jumbo-sized swatch per card. Basic versions are numbered to 36 with five levels of numbered parallels. Autographed versions are numbered to 99.

2015 Topps Triple Threads Baseball Hobby Box

2015 Topps Triple Threads Baseball Hobby Box

Product Features
  • 2 mini boxes per box, 1 pack per mini box
  • 4 Relic cards per box including 2 auto relics!
  • Celebrating 10 Years of Triple Threads!
  • Look for Deca Relics with 10 relic pieces per card

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