2015 Topps Strata Football preview

Topps Strata Football has a new look for 2015, taking a premium, high-end approach with every card containing an on-card signature. Boxes will come with one pack that contains two autograph cards, including a rookie patch auto.

2006_ClearCutAutoPatchRookieGreen_Gurley 2002_ClearCutAutoPatchRookieBlue_Mariota

Clear Cut Autographed Relic Rookie cards will land one per pack with a jumbo relic piece under die-cut acetate. These have five levels of numbered parallels: Blue, Green, Black, Gold (#’d to 25) and Red (#’d 1/1). There are five different versions of the one-of-one Red parallels each with a different type of relic piece (glove, football, Nike Swoosh logo, laundry tag or team logo patch).

Clear Cut Dual Autograph Patch booklets come with a pair of patch pieces and player signatures. These are all numbered one-of-ones.

2204_StrataSigPatchGold_Cooper 2217_StrataSigPatchRedRivet_Winston

Strata Signature Patch Cards are multi-layered patch autos featuring 2015 NFL rookies. Base versions are numbered with Gold parallels numbered out of 25. The one-of-one Red Rivet Patch Parallels are held together by a metal rivet that makes it possible to fan out the different layers.

1002_StrataAutographsGold_Luck 1037_StrataAutographs_Johnson 1101_StrataSignature_Staubach

Veteran autographs can be found on Strata Autograph cards, which also have on-card signatures. Base versions are numbered as are the five levels of parallels. Strata Signatures provide more autograph content from veteran and retired players using a multilayer design.

2015 Topps Strata Football Hobby Box

2015 Topps Strata Football Hobby Box

Product Features
  • One Clear Cut Autograph Patch Card Per Box!
  • One Strata Autograph Card Per Box!
  • Look for Winston, Mariota, Cooper RC's!!
$169.95 $113.36

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