2015 Topps Stadium Club Baseball preview

Topps brought back the Stadium Club brand back in 2014 complete with its unique, full-bleed images. Thanks to the successful relaunch, Stadium Club will return in 2015,  but with a few tweaks. Topps has ditched the master box/mini box configuration for the traditional pack format with eight cards, including one parallel or insert per pack. Boxes will have two autograph cards with on-card signatures.

Stadium Club-Kris Bryant

UPDATE (June 23): 2015 Stadium Club will have Kris Bryant rookie cards and autographs. Bryant is off to a phenomenal start with the Cubs this season with ten home run and 42 RBIs in his first 60 games. DACW Live has added a group case break of Stadium Club for when it’s released on Wednesday, June 24.


2015 Topps Stadium Club Baseball will have 300 base cards with the classic full-bleed photography that the brand is famous for. Once again Topps will include both current and retired players in the set. Parallels will include Gold Foil (1 per box), White Foil (2 per box), Black & White Foil (hobby exclusive 1:3 boxes), Foilboard (#’d to 25) and Members Only (1 per case).

15SCBB_1003_Base_Abreu 15SCBB_1004_Base_Cone

Autographed versions of base card will be available for more then 50 players with three levels of parallels: White Foil (#’d to 50), Gold Foil (#’d to 25) and Orange Foil (#’d 1/1).


Additional autograph cards be in found in three different subsets. Collectors will be familiar with the classic Lone Star Signatures set, which features signatures of ten different players. Co-Signers are dual auto cards featuring ten different player pairings and are numbered to five.

15SCBB_3304_LoneStar_Rivera 15SCBB_3408_CoSigners_Martinez_Cano

Topps has included buyback cards from 1992 Stadium Club set in hobby boxes. Buyback cards are autographed by the player, include a special foil stamp and are numbered to five.

2015 Stadium Club also has a wide array of insert sets. True Colors commemorates clutch performances by star players and fall one per box. Refractor parallels can be found in one of four boxes, Gold Refractors are a special case hit and Electric Refractors are numbered to 25. Look for special autographed versions numbered to five as well.


Legends Die Cuts also land one per box and showcase ten former greats of the diamond in a die-cut design. Crystal Ball is a hobby exclusive with one card per case featuring one of ten young stars. Special holographic Instavision insert cards land two per case. All three insert sets have Gold Foil parallels that are numbered to 25.

A brand new, two per box insert is Contact Sheet. This is a photo contact sheet card with multiple images. A total of 25 players will be part of this set with three levels of parallels: White Foil (#’d to 99), Gold Foil (#’d to 50) and Orange Foil (#’d to 25).

Topps has brought back the popular Triumvirates inserts with ten different collections of three interlocking die-cut cards. There are three versions of every card in the set, including Luminous (1 per box), Luminescent (1:4 boxes) and Illuminator (1 per case).

15SCBB_2101_Triumvirates_Luminous_Cabrera 15SCBB_2101_Triumvirates_Luminescent_Price 15SCBB_2101_Triumvirates_Illuminator_Scherzer

2015 Topps Stadium Club Baseball Hobby Box

2015 Topps Stadium Club Baseball Hobby Box

Product Features
  • 16 packs per box, 8 cards per pack
  • Two On-Card Autographs per box
  • 1 parallel or insert per pack
  • Look for autographed of 1992 Stadium Club cards

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