2015 Topps Museum Collection Football preview

Whenever Topps opens the door to their Museum you know you are in for a treat. This is the case once again for 2015 Topps Museum Collection Football, which looks to have a great lineup of eye-catching relics and gorgeous autographs. Hobby boxes will come with one on-card autograph, one auto relic, a quad relic and a jumbo relic.


The base set for 2015 Museum Collection features 100 players with veteran, rookies and retired legends represented. Base cards have five levels of parallels: Cooper, Sapphire (#’d to 99), 60th Anniversary (#’d to 60), Amethyst (#’d to 25) and Emerald (#’d 1/1).

Canvas Collection inserts land one per box with a reproduction of original artwork of an NFL player on canvas stock. The original artwork for this set is available in Canvas Collection Originals. Each of the 35 hand-painted cards are signed by the artist and are one-of-ones.  New for 2015 are Vintage Canvas Collection case hit inserts, which use artwork featuring ten NFL rookies sporting a vintage leather helmet. The original artwork is also inserted as rare one-of-ones and are signed by the artist. You can also find Canvas Collection cards signed by the player, which are also one-of-ones.

Headlining auto relic content in 2015 Museum Collection are Museum Jumbo Patch autos. These feature on-card rookie player signatures and  jumbo-sized patch pieces. Parallels are numbered to 15 or less, including one-of-one Emerald parallels with the Nike Swoosh logo patch. Signature Swatches Triple Relics come with two jersey pieces and a jersey patch.


Oversized Framed Autograph Patch cards feature on-card signature. Among the sources for the patches are Glove logos, draft hats and jersey team logos.


Pro Bowl Signature Swatches dual relic come with a Pro Bowl jersey swatch and patch. Parallel versions include Copper (#’d to 25), Gold Patch (#’d 10) and Emerald (#’d 1/1). Emerald parallels can contain either a multi-color patch, team logo patch  or Pro Bowl logo patch. Rookie and veteran players also have Signature Swatches dual relics with a jersey and patch swatch.


Signature Series autograph cards feature a checklist of 50 different players that include rookies, veterans, retired greats of the game. All come with on-card signatures. There are six levels of numbered parallels: Cooper (#’d to 50), Gold (#’d to 25), Silver Ink (#’d to 5), Gold Ink (#’d to 5), Emerald (#’d 1/1) and 60th Anniversary (#’d to 1/1). Museum Collection Framed autographs are available for 35 players and include an on-card signature. Parallel versions come with a special-colored frame and ink (Silver frame and ink #’d, Gold frame and ink #’d to 10, Black frame with Silver ink #’d 1/1, 60th Anniversary with gold ink #’d 1/1)


Dual Signature Series cards are numbered and feature ten different pairs of players. In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl, 2015 Museum Collection has Super Bowl Signature Series autographs. These highlight players that have won the big game and are numbered to ten with rare one-of-one Emerald parallels.


Jumbo Relics and Pro Bowl Jumbo Relics come with large swatches and have Copper, Gold Patch and Emerald parallels. One-of-one jumbo relics include Nike Swoosh patches, Laundry Tags and NFL Shield logos. Dual Jumbo Relic Book cards are numbered to five with one-of-one Emerald patch parallels.

Quad relics include Rookie Quad Relics with three jersey swatches and a patch piece and Combo Quad Relics with swatches from four different players. Parallel version for both include Copper (#’d), Gold (all patches, #’d to 25) and Emerald (all multicolor patches, #’d 1/1). Museum Pro Bowl Quad relics come with three Pro Bowl jersey swatches and a patch. Parallel versions come with all multicolor patch pieces and are numbered to ten or less.

2015 Topps Museum Collection Football Hobby Box

2015 Topps Museum Collection Football Hobby Box

Product Features
  • One On-Card Auto & One Auto Relic per Box!
  • One Quad Relic & One Jumbo Relic per Box!
  • 4 packs per box, 5 cards per pack


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