2015 Topps Museum Collection Baseball preview

Topps will bring back one of its popular high-end brands this April with the release of 2015 Topps Museum Collection Baseball. The set will once again promise with four big hits per box with one on-card autograph, one Autograph Relic card, one Quad Relic and one Jumbo Relic Card. That averages out to one hit per pack. No card in the set is numbered higher than 399.

The base card set features 100 players with both current and retired stars along with rookies. Base cards come in four levels of parallels, including Copper, Red (#’d 1/1), Blue (Seq #’d to 99) and Green (Seq #’d to 199).


Museum Collection has a full line of autograph cards with signatures on the card. The new Premium Prints has 25 different players captured in black and white and an autograph in silver ink. These are sequentially numbered to 25.


Archival Autographs features signatures from 70 different players plus Gold and Sepia parallels that are numbered to five. Look for multi-player autograph cards in Dual and Triple Archival Autographs. There are 25 Dual Archival cards that come sequentially numbered to 15. Triple Archival has a smaller run of just five cards that numbered only to five.


The Museum Collection autographs will fall one per case. There are over 50 players including with an autograph in silver ink and four different colors of metal framing. The frames come in Gold (Seq #’d to 15), Silver (Seq #’d to 10), Black (Seq #’d to 5) and new for 2015 Wood (Seq #’d to 3). There are also 20 Cut Signatures cards with cut autographs from some of baseball’s greatest names.


Topps Museum Collection comes complete with autographed memorabilia cards. Single-Player Signature Swatches Dual and Triple Relic Autographs feature player signature and multiple relic pieces. Cards in both sets come numbered 299 or less with two levels of parallels. Gold parallels are sequentially numbered to 25 and Patch parallel with emerald foil that are numbered to five. There are also 40 Quad Relic autograph book cards that are sequentially numbered to ten.


There is a large array of Jumbo Relic cards included in Museum Collection. Momentous Material Jumbo Relic come sequentially numbered to 50 along with three levels of parallels. Gold parallels are sequentially numbered to 35, Copper is numbered to ten and Emerald is numbered one-of-one. Momentous Material also has Jumbo Patch Relics that are sequentially numbered to five and one-of-one Laundry Tag Relics. You’ll also find one Momentous Material Jumbo Relic Autograph per case. These feature 90 different players with a jumbo relic and an autograph. Momentous cards are sequentially numbered to ten and come in Gold (Seq #’d to 5) and Emerald (#’d 1/1) parallels.


Look for MLB logos from game-worn jerseys in one-of-one Museum Memorabilia cards. Jumbo Lumber Bat Nameplate Relics has over 50 different game-used bat nameplates from both past and present stars. Dual Jumbo Lumber Relic has game-used bat pieces from two players (Seq #’d to 5). Momentous Material Dual Jumbo Relics is made up of 30 different book cards with jumbo relics from two players (Seq #’d to 5).


Single and Four-Player Quad Relic cards come sequentially numbered to 99 and have Copper (Seq #’d to 75) and Gold parallels (Seq #’d to 25). Patch versions of these cards come sequentially numbered to five. Quad Relic Legends cards feature 20 different retired greats of the game with four pieces of memorabilia. All cards in this set are sequentially numbered to 25 and have a Gold parallel sequentially numbered to five.


Museum Collection also has 20 oversized Framed Jersey Nameplate Cards with full jersey nameplates framed in metal.



2015 Topps Museum Collection Baseball Hobby Box

2015 Topps Museum Collection Baseball Hobby Box

Product Features
  • 4 packs per box, 5 cards per pack
  • One hit per pack!
  • 1 on-card Auto & Auto Relic card per box
  • 1 Quad Relic card and 1 Jumbo Relic card per box

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