2015 Topps High Tek Football preview

Just a day after we put out our preview for 2015 Topps High Tek Baseball, Topps has announced they will be releasing 2015 High Tek Football this December. High Tek Football is very similar to its baseball counterpart, which had a successful relaunch in 2014, with cards printed on clear acetate with unique background designs. Boxes will come with one eight-card pack that contain an autograph, a base parallel and six base cards.

15THTF_1002_Base_GRONKOWSKI 15THTF_1003_Base_JOHNSON 15THTF_1001_Base_JONES

The base set follow the High Tek formula from baseball with a Pattern 1 base design that has several parallels plus base card pattern variations. Parallels of the Pattern 1 base card include: Purple Rainbow, Confetti Diffractor (#’d), Tidal Diffractor (#’d), Gold Rainbow (#’d), Clouds Diffractor (#’d to 25), Red Orbit Diffractor (#’d to 5), Black Rainbow (#’d 1/1) and Black Galactic Diffractor (#’d 1/1). Base pattern variations will also have rare Red Orbit Diffractor (#’d to 5) and Black Galactic Diffractor (#’d 1/1) parallels to collect.

One interesting twist for the High Tek Football base set will be Retro Uniform Short Prints. These are numbered to 50 and feature ten different players wearing a vintage uniform. Retro short prints will have Red Orbit Diffractor (#’d to 5) and Black Galactic Diffractor (#’d 1/1) parallels available as well.


Autograph versions of the base cards feature on-card signatures. There are five levels of numbered parallels for the autograph cards plus one-of-one printing proofs.

15THTF_3201_BrightHorizons_BECKHAMJr 15THTF_2101_BrightHorizons_LUCK

2015 High Tek Football features the same insert sets as High Tek Baseball. Bright Horizons Autographs feature a horizontal design with a foil city landscape in the background that relates to the player pictured. DramaTEK Performers brings an insert from 2000 High Tek Baseball to the gridiron and highlights the game’s top players. Low Tek Diffractors feature a design similar to the ones found in 2014 High Tek Baseball.


All three sets are numbered to 50 and have autographed versions available. Bright Horizons and DramaTEK also have Red Orbit Diffractor (#’d to 5) and Black Galactic Diffractor (#’d 1/1) parallels for both regular and autographed cards.


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