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2015 Topps Heritage High Number Baseball preview

Topps Heritage High Number Baseball returns to a pack format for 2015 after being sold as complete factory set for a couple years. Hobby boxes will come with one autograph or memorabilia card.


The base set features 225 cards of players that made their MLB debut after the initial release of 2015 Heritage Baseball or were traded during the season. Base cards use the same 1966 Topps Baseball design that was used in Heritage. The final 25 cards of the set (#701-725) have been short printed and are available in 1 of 3 packs. Look for action image variations of select base cards as well.

Parallel versions include Blue Backs with the back of the card printed in blue ink. Mini base card variations are available for 50 players in Heritage High Number and are numbered out of 100. Chrome versions of base cards come with additional three levels of numbered parallels: Refractor, Black-bordered Refractor (#’d to 66) and Gold-Bordered Refractor (#’d to 5).


Real One Autographs lead off the signed content in 2015 Heritage High Number with autographs of current and retired players. Real One Special Editions are signed in red ink and hand-numbered out of 66. Dual autograph cards are hand-numbered to 25. There are also rare one-of-one 1966 Cut Signatures of personalities from inside and outside of the baseball world.


Clubhouse Collection relic cards come in different varieties. Basic relic versions come with a uniform swatch or bat piece. Gold parallel versions are numbered to 99. Dual (#’d to 66), Triple (#’d to 25), Quad (#’d to 10) feature relic pieces from multiple players and are hand-numbered.

Auto relics are also hand-numbered. Single player Clubhouse Collection auto relics are numbered out of 25 and dual auto relics are numbered out of ten.


Insert cards include Rookie Performers, which highlight top rookies from the 2015 season. Now and Then contrasts memorable moments from this season with moments from 1966. Award Winners recaps award winners from 2014. Combo cards feature multiple players on the same card.


Boxes of 2015 Heritage High Numbers will have one of three box loaders packaged with it. Ad Panels are three-card strips, 1966 Topps Originals are stamped buyback from 1966 Topps Baseball. Baseball Punchboards are a recreation of punchboard game cards Topps released in 1966. Base versions are numbered to 50 with Jumbo Patch Relic versions numbered out of 25, Autographed and Jumbo Patch Relic autos are numbered to ten.

2015 Topps Heritage High Number Baseball Hobby Box

2015 Topps Heritage High Number Baseball Hobby Box

Product Features
  • 24 Packs Per Box, 9 Cards Per Pack
  • One Auto or Relic Card Per Box!
  • Look for Real One Dual Autographs!
  • Find Clubhouse Collection Quad Relics!
$207.95 $145.95

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