2015 Topps Heritage Baseball ’51 Collection preview

Topps has added a new wrinkle to their line of Heritage baseball products. Topps Heritage ’51 Collection pays tribute to the sometimes forgotten 1951 baseball set that preceded the iconic 1952 one. That first set was an actual card game instead of a set of trading cards. Topps has brought back that design with ’51 Collection using today’s MLB stars.

15HB51_SS_1002_Cabrera 15TH51_SS_Hernandez

2015 Topps Heritage Baseball ’51 Collection will be released as a set with boxes containing all 104 base cards. Each box will also hold 21 mini parallel cards that have different colored card backs. The breakdown of parallels in a box is 10 Red, 5 Blue, 3 Green, 2 Black and 1 Gold.

15HB51_SS_2026_BRYANT 15HB51_SS_2002_deGROM 15HB51_SS_2001_Soler

There will also be one autograph card per box. A total of 25 players will have signed cards, most with on-card signatures. Autos will have four levels of numbered parallels: Blue back (#’d to 25), Green back (#’d to 10), Black back (#’d to 5) and Gold back (#’d 1/1).

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  1. Dennis July 11, 2015 at 9:37 am #

    How many cards are in the set?