2015 Topps Fire Football preview

UPDATE (JANUARY 29): Topps Fire has no redemptions. All autographs will be live.

With a successful launch in 2014, Topps Fire Football returns for a second season in 2015. Once again Topps has chosen artist Tyson Beck to create the stunning designs for Fire. Hobby boxes of 2015 Topps Fire Football will contain two autographs or auto relics.


The base set is made up of 150 total players (100 veterans/retired players & 50 rookies) with ten different parallels per subject. There are three level of basic parallels: Onyx (1 per hobby case), Flame (1:4 packs) and Silver (1 per pack), and seven levels of numbered parallels: Orange, Gold, Green, Blue (#’d to 99), Purple (#’d to 50), Magenta (#’d to 25) and Inferno (#’d 1/1).


Half of the players in the set have signed versions of their base card. Autographs have four levels of parallels numbered to 75 or less. Topps Fire also has ten different dual autos and five triple auto cards that are numbered.

3104_AUTO-SWOOSH-PATCH 3001_RK_AUTO_PATCH 3335_Dual_Auto_Relic

A total of 40 rookie players have Fire Rookie Autograph Patch cards. These four level of parallels numbered to 75 or less, including one-of-one Inferno NFL Shield Laundry Tag, NLFPA logo Laundry Tag and NFL Laundry Tag Swoosh patch versions. Both rookies and veteran players have additional one-of-one Nike Swoosh, NFL Shield and team logo patch autos. There are ten different dual auto relics that are numbered out of ten with a one-of-one team logo patch parallel version.

2015 Topps Fire Football has three new sets of inserts: Into the Wild, Forces of Nature and Transcendent Touchdowns. They have brought back Fired Up inserts from last year’s debut product.

2015 Topps Fire Football Hobby Box

2015 Topps Fire Football Hobby Box

Product Features
  • 20 packs per box, 6 cards per pack
  • 2 autos or auto relics per box!
  • 5 parallel base cards per box

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