2015 Topps Diamond Football preview

2015 Topps Diamond Football is a brand new high-end release featuring cards printed on foil. All autographs are on-card and all auto and patch cards are numbered. Hobby boxes contain one pack that holds a Diamond Autograph numbered to ten or less, a Diamond or Rookie Autograph patch card and an additional auto or patch card.

2001_Dan_Marino 2004_Todd_Gurley
2002_Peyton_Manning 2003_Melvin_Gordon

Basic Diamond Autographs cards come numbered to ten and are signed using silver ink. Blue Diamond parallels are numbered to five and signed using metallic blue ink, Gold Diamond and Gold Inscription parallels are both one-of-ones and have signatures in metallic gold ink.

Dual Diamond Autographs feature a pair of players with both signatures in silver and come numbered out of ten. Look for one-of-one Gold Diamond parallel versions.


Diamond Autograph Patch cards highlight veteran players with a multi-color patch piece and a on-card signature. Base version are numbered plus there are levels of numbered parallels: Blue Diamond, Violet Diamond (#’d to 25), Green Diamond (#’d to 10), Gold Diamond (#’d 1/1) and Gold Inscription (#’d 1/1).

3502_Kevin_White 3501_Amari_Cooper

Rookie patch autos in Topps Diamond come with a jumbo-sized patch swatch. Parallel versions are the same as veteran patch card plus a one-of-one Gold Nike Swoosh parallel.


The ultimate hit in 2015 Topps Diamond will be the Dual Rookie Auto Jumbo Patch booklet, which are numbered to ten, and come with patches and signature from two first-year players. Gold Diamond parallel versions are rare one-of-one finds.

2015 Topps Diamond Football Hobby Box

2015 Topps Diamond Football Hobby Box

Product Features
  • 1 pack per box, 3 cards per pack
  • 3 autos per box including 2 patch autos

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