2015 Topps Definitive Collection Football preview

UPDATE (2/17): Topps released some new preview images of Definitive Collection.

Topps is raising the bar once again for football collectors. 2015 Topps Definitive Collection Football is brand new, high-end football product that not only sets new benchmark in pricing, but also in content. Each eight-card box comes with six autograph or auto relic cards and two premium relic cards.


All autograph cards in Definitive Collection will be numbered and come with an on-card signature. Autograph Inscription Collection features a checklist of 40 different NFL veterans, rookies and retired greats. Each card comes with an inscription along with the on-card signature, and look for one-of-one Red parallels. Definitive Rookie Autographs include 35 top players from the 2015 crop of rookies. There are three levels of numbered parallels for Definitive Rookie autos: Green (#’d to 25), Blue (#’d to 10) and Red (#’d 1/1). Framed Rookie Autograph Collection features autos from rookie quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers with a gold-colored frame around the card. Blue parallels numbered out of ten and one-of-one Red parallel are also available.

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Legendary Autograph Collection commemorates the accomplishments of 20 of all-time greats of the gridiron. Cards will highlight a memorable moment in each player’s career, including Super Bowl wins, Pro Bowl selections and awards won. Legendary autos will have Blue parallels numbered out of ten and one-of-one Red parallel versions. Dual Autograph Collection includes auto from 40 different pairs of players using three different themes: Franchise Favorites, Gridiron Legends and Rookie Future Stars. Dual autos have three level of parallels numbered to 25 or less.


2015 Topps Definitive Collection features a wide variety of numbered patch auto cards as well. Base rookie patch autos comes with an extra large patch piece along with an on-card signature. Parallel versions include Green (#’d to 25) and Blue (#’d to 10) parallels with a multi-color patch piece. One-of-one Red parallels come with one of six possible relic pieces (Team logo patch, NFL shield patch, Glove team logo patch, “The Duke” patch from an NFL football, laundry tag or NFL Draft hat team logo patch).


Definitive Autograph Patch Cards include 25 different players classified as either Franchise Favorites, Elite Rookies or Gridiron Legends. Green (#’d to 25) and Blue (#’d to 10) parallels come with multi-color patch pieces while one-of-one Red parallel feature a team logo patch. Framed Rookie patch autos feature a similar checklist and parallel versions as the Framed rookie autographs. Dual patch autos include pairs of players that are either Franchise Favorites, Gridiron Legends or Rookie Future Stars.


One of the more unique hits in Definitive Collection is the Leather Bound Rookie Autograph Patch Booklets. The outside of the book is covered in leather taken from a player-used football with a jumbo-sized multi-color patch piece and an on-card signature on the inside. Look for one-of-one Red team logo patch versions.

Definitive Helmet Collection relic cards include a piece of the outer shell from an NFL helmet and are numbered. Helmet relic cards were produced for ten players selected in the first round of the NFL draft. Blue parallels (#’d to 4) will include a piece of chin strap buckles while one-of-one Red parallel include an NFL shield logo. Definitive Nameplate Collection are one-of-one relic cards featuring letter patch from jersey nameplates. One-of-one Definitive Patch Collection cards include unique jumbo patch pieces from player jerseys. Jumbo Patch Collection relics include a jumbo-sized patch piece from a rookie or veteran.

Jumbo Patch Collection relic cards come numbered with a jumbo-sized patch piece. There are four levels of numbered parallels, including one-of-one Red team logo patch parallels.

2015 Topps Definitive Collection Football Hobby Box

2015 Topps Definitive Collection Football Hobby Box

Product Features
  • 6 Autographs or Autograph Relics Per Box!

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