2015 Topps Chrome Football preview

2015 Topps Chrome Football is set to release this November with a new wave of shiny Refractor parallels. Hobby boxes will have one rookie autograph per box.


The base set is comprised of 200 cards (100 veteran & 100 rookies) with 12 different varieties of Refractor parallels to chase for each player, and four colors of one-of-one printing plates. Hobby boxes will contain eight basic Refractor parallels plus two Green, one Blue Wave and one Pulsar. Numbered parallels include: Salute to Service (STS), Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA), Black, Blue, Sepia-tone, Gold, Red and SuperFractor (#’d 1/1). Diamond parallels will be found exclusively in special hot boxes.


The base set will also have photo variations for 25 rookies and 30 veterans. Look for numbered autographed versions of the base card variations as well as one-of-one SuperFractor parallels for both unsigned and signed versions.


Rookie autographs in 2015 Chrome Football will feature on-card signatures. Numbered Refractor parallels for autographed rookie cards include: basic Refractor, STS, BCA, Blue, Black (#’d to 25), Pulsar (#’d to 15), Gold (#’d to 10), Red (#’d to 5) and SuperFractor (#’d 1/1). Hot boxes will have it’s own special numbered parallel for rookie autos, and will land one per case.

2015 Topps Chrome Football will have rookie patch autos from players that participated in the NFLPA rookie premiere. Look for dual and triple rookie autos as well. Patchs auto and multi-signature cards will be numbered and have one-of-one SuperFractor parallels available.

2501_Marino_TOPPS-60TH-ANNIVERSARY-AUTOGRAPHS 2702_Mariota_1976-TOPPS-FOOTBALL-AUTOGRAPHS 4520_1000YardClub_Sanders

Many of the inserts in 2015 Topps Chrome pay tribute to the company’s 60-year history of producing football trading cards. Topps 60th Anniversary cards take the current crop of NFL veterans and rookie and place them in cards using iconic designs from the past. These have three levels of numbered Refractor parallels as well as autographed versions.

Members of the 2015 rookie class are also featured on cards that recreate the 1989 Topps Football Super Rookie and 1976 Topps Football designs. Both sets have parallel versions, plus autographed versions with on-card signatures.

All-Time 1,000 Yard Club inserts highlight 30 greatest wide receivers and running backs to play the game. All-Time 4,000 Yard Club do the same thing for 15 phenomenal passers. Look for signed versions of both sets.

Super Bowl 50 Die Cuts salute current and retired players that have won the big game during their career. Refractor parallels are numbered to 99, Pulsar Refractor to 50 and SuperFractors are one-of-ones.

2015 Topps Chrome Football Hobby Box

2015 Topps Chrome Football Hobby Box

Product Features
  • 24 Packs Per Box, 4 Cards Per Pack
  • One Rookie Autographed Card Per Box!
  • Eight Refractor Parallels Per Box!
  • One Blue Wave Refractor Per Box!
  • Look for Diamond Parallels Hot Boxes!
$234.95 $199.95

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