2015 Topps Chrome Baseball preview

Topps shines up the best from Series 1 & 2 Baseball to bring you 2015 Topps Chrome Baseball. Chrome Baseball comes in both hobby and hobby jumbo configurations with two autographs per hobby box and five per box for hobby jumbo.


The base set has 200 cards made up from the top players in Series 1 & 2 Baseball plus 50 rookies. Parallels include Refractors and Prism Refractors plus six additional levels that are numbered. Hobby boxes also have exclusive Orange Refractor parallels numbered to 25.

15TCBB_2001_BaseRookieAuto_CASTILLO 15TCBB_2003_BaseRookieAuto_SOLER 15TCBB_2006_BaseRookieAuto_NORRIS

Autographed Rookie Refractor cards headline the autographed content in Chrome Baseball. Base Refractor autos are numbered and so are parallel versions. Red Refractor autographs are numbered to just five, and one-of-one SuperFractors are also available.

15TCBB_2201_IllustriousAuto_ABREU 15TCBB_2501_ThrillOfTheChaseAuto_KERSHAW

Illustrious Autographs feature signatures from both veterans and rookies. These brand new auto cards have three levels of numbered parallels: Orange (Hobby exclusive, #’d to 25), Red (Hobby Jumbo Exclusive, #’d to 5) and Superfractor (#’d 1/1). Thrill of the Chase Die-Cut Autos focus upcoming career milestones for veteran MLB players.

Multiplayer autos include dual and triple versions that are numbered to ten with hard-to-find parallels.

15TCBB_3101_ChormeCulminations_CANO 15TCBB_3001_ChromeCommencements_DEGROM 15TCBB_3201_FutureStars_PEDERSON

Inserts in 2015 Topps Chrome Baseball include Chrome Culminations that can be found one per hobby case. Chrome Commencements feature players that had breakout performances. Future Stars use the classic Topps “Future Stars” logo and showcase 20 top rookies for 2015. Gallery of Greats transfer over from Series 1 Baseball, but are printed with Chrome technology this time around. All inserts have numbered parallel versions, but some may be found exclusively in Hobby or Jumbo boxes.

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