2015 Topps Archives Baseball preview

Topps will continue to have fun with its history in 2015 with another release of Topps Archives Baseball. These sets take players from both the present and past and place them into some of the more memorable designs from Topps’s 50-plus year history of creating cards. In addition to the feelings of nostalgia you will also get two autograph cards per box of 2015 Topps Archives Baseball.

Topps has selected the 1957, 1976 and 1983 baseball sets to be commemorated in this year’s Archives release. All of the 300 base cards will be produced using the design from one of the three years with a total of 100 cards devoted to each year. Topps selected the 1983 design as a tribute to Tony Gwynn. Gwynn passed away in June 2014 and his rookie card was part of the 1983 set.


There are three levels of parallels to the base card set. Silver and Gold-bordered parallel are sequentially numbered, Black-bordered parallels are numbered one-of-one. One-of-one printing plates for each card are also available. Autographed versions of base card contain on-card signatures and also feature the same levels and quantities of parallels.


2015 Topps Archives Baseball also commemorates the 25th anniversary of the 1990 Baseball set with cards that recognize former #1 overall selections of the MLB draft that are currently playing. Each former top pick in 1990 Topps #1 Draft Picks will have a card using the 1990 Topps design, including the “#1 Draft Pick” logo in the upper right-hand corner. There are both signed and unsigned versions of these cards with sequentially numbered Gold-bordered parallels, one-of-one Black-bordered parallels and one-of-one Printing Plates of both.


A staple of Topps Archives sets are the Topps Originals Autographs buyback cards. These are original Topps cards with an Archives gold-foil stamp, an on-card signature from the player and are sequentially numbered.

A new wrinkle to the Archive theme are 1968 Topps Game Inserts. These special game cards have be recreated using modern day players. 2015 Topps Archives Baseball also pays tribute to former Presidents of the United States with Presidential Chronicles. These contain cut signatures of former presidents and are numbered one-of-one.


2015 Topps Archives Baseball Hobby Box

2015 Topps Archives Baseball Hobby Box

Product Features
  • 24 packs per box, 8 cards per pack
  • 2 autographs in every box w/ on-card signatures!
  • New 1990 Topps #1 Draft Picks Autographs
  • Presidential Chronicles w/ cut auto parallels
  • Using 1957, 1976 & 1983 Topps designs

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