2015 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball preview

Topps is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its first Allen & Ginter Baseball release in 2015. The 2015 edition of Allen & Ginter Baseball has plenty of what has made the brand so popular, including autographs, parallels, rip cards and unique inserts.

The base set has 350 cards comprised of baseball veterans and rookies plus other public figures and champions from other sports. The final 50 cards in the set have been short printed with one available in every other pack.


Parallels include a version with a 10th anniversary logo and is numbered to ten. There are several levels of Mini Parallels, including regular Mini, Allen & Ginter logo back, Black-Bodered, No Number, Allen & Ginter Flag Back and Wood. Each case comes with a special pack containing five red mini parallel cards. There are four printing plates (#’d 1/1) available for each mini card, which come framed. Partial parallels include Metal cards numbered to only three and framed Cloth cards numbered to ten.


Topps has included plenty of buyback cards from the first three Allen & Ginter releases (2006-2008). Hobby boxes will have one Mini buyback and two regular-sized buybacks that are stamped with the 10th anniversary logo. Look for Mini buybacks that are signed, hand-numbered to ten and come in a special 10th anniversary frame. Previously released autographed mini cards will also be available as buybacks with the stamp, frame and numbered to ten. Look for one of 100 original Allen & Ginter buyback cards that are framed and numbered one-of-one.


Allen & Ginter Autographs are signed versions of the 2015 mini cards and are framed. Autographs come with on-card signatures from baseball players plus more than 30 athletes and celebrities from outside of baseball. There are also 20 one-of-one Cut Signatures of political and historical figures.


Rip Cards are found exclusively in Hobby cases and are sequentially numbered. If you choose to rip the cards open you will find a special mini card inside. Artist’s Originals have paintings done right on the card. There are only 30 of these one-of-one editions available. Red Autographs have signatures with red ink and are hand-numbered to ten. Mini Exclusives are base card variations (50 total) that have two levels of parallels: Wood (#’d 1/1) and Metal (#’d to 3).


You can find the Rip Card exclusives inside Double Rip Cards as well. Double Rip Cards can also hold an exclusive Red Autograph Buyback or a Mini Rip Cards with a Mini Mini Parallel Card inside or a redemption for a set of Framed Relic cards.

Relic cards are available in one of three designs and hobby boxes will not contain two of the same design. There are two styles of full-sized relics and a mini framed design.


Book Cards are numbered to ten and can hold either a relic auto or dual autos.


Inserts cars come in both full and mini sizes. Full-sized inserts include 100 different Starting Points cards that commemorate the MLB debuts of select players. There are five different non-sport insert that cover various subjects: Ancient Armory (weaponry), Menagerie of the Mind (mythological creatures), What Once Would Be (expectations on the future), What Once Was Believed (disproven concepts) and Great Scott! (scientific discoveries).


Mini Inserts also take the non-sport route with First Ladies, Hoist the Black Flag (Pirates), Magnates, Barons & Tycoons (famous businessmen), Birds of Prey, Mythological Menaces and A World Beneath Our Feet (Bugs).


Hobby boxes of 2015 Allen & Ginter Baseball also contain a Cabinet Box Loader. These may contain a Relic (#’d to 25), Autograph (#’d to 15), Auto Relic (#’d to 5), or Cut Signature (#’d 1/1). Pride of the People Cabinet Box Loaders highlight world monuments. Over-Sized Reprints have ten jumbo-sized versions of base cards. Cabinet and Cabinet Book Relics have large-sized jersey pieces that include nameplates or number patches. Book Relics will have two pieces of material. There are only ten total Cabinet and Cabinet Book relics and are they numbered one-of-one.


2015 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Hobby Box

2015 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Hobby Box

Product Features
  • 24 packs per box, 7 cards and 1 mini card per pack
  • 3 hits per box
  • Hits can be autos or relics
  • Look for box loaders!

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