2015 Leaf Trinity Baseball preview

UPDATE (11/23): Leaf has announced that actor Kevin Costner is the mystery celebrity autograph in Trinity baseball. Costner has appeared in three of the most memorable baseball movies ever made, including Field of Dreans, Bull Durham and For Love of the Game.


2015 Leaf Trinity Baseball is an all autograph product that focuses on recent draft picks and hot prospects. Two of the most exciting features in the product, however, involve personalities that aren’t even baseball players. Boxes will come with six autograph cards, which is an increase over last year’s release.

One of the non-baseball signers in Trinity is hockey prospect and Leaf-exclusive autograph athlete Jack Eichel. Eichel, the second overall pick in the 2015 NHL Draft, recently made his professional debut with the Buffalo Sabres. He’ll appear on autograph cards in Leaf using an image of him throwing out the first pitch at a Boston Red Sox game this past July.

The other non-baseball autograph to find in Trinity is a mystery. Leaf is promoting a Mystery Celebrity Signature that they say, “will mark a long awaited sports celebrity signature arrival!” The identity of this special autograph subject will be revealed closer to Trinity’s release.

Actual baseball autographs in Leaf Trinity include base Trinity Signature autos, Trinity Patch autos and Trinity Pure. Pure autographs cards are thicker and are printed on clear, glass-like stock.

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