2015 Leaf Superlative Hockey preview

2015 Leaf Superlative Hockey will have limited distribution, but it will be packed with hits when it comes out this November. Each seven-card box will come with a mix of autographed and game-used memorabilia cards.


The biggest selling point for Superlative is that it will contain the first official autographed cards of Buffalo Sabres prospect, Jack Eichel. Eichel was the number two selection in the 2015 NHL Draft, and he signed an exclusive autograph agreement with Leaf Trading Cards this summer. These autographed rookie cards are very rarer super short prints.

2015 Superlative will feature signed cards from hockey greats both past and present. International Ice feature player autograph on acetate printed cards. They will feature players that have had success on the world stage and feature the flag of their native country. Superlative Signatures are the base autograph cards and feature on-card signatures. Superlative Singnature Memorabilia are auto relics that come with an autograph and a piece of game-used memorabilia.

Memorabilia cards contain a range of relics, including game-used skate pieces and jersey logo patches. Multi-relics cards come with as many as six relic pieces per card. There are also relic insert sets that honor player that have scored 1,000 points in their career and goalie that have piled 300 victories between the pipes.

All cards in Superlative come in varying degrees of scarcity, including one-of-ones.


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