2015 Leaf Sportkings preview

The Sportkings brand returns with the first new set in over two years. 2015 Leaf Sportkings pays tribute to the iconic trading cards produced by Goudey in the 1930s with a set that highlights some of the greatest athletes of the past 100+ years. Each box will feature an autograph as well as a memorabilia card.


The base set has 100 subjects that span many different areas of the sports world. From baseball to boxing to football, Leaf Sportkings covers some of the most iconic athletes of all time. Look for mini parallel versions of all 100 base cards with one per box.

Autograph cards in Sportkings include Sportkings Signatures, Dynasty King Autographs and Retired Numbers Signatures. The list of signers includes Ken Griffey, Jr., Jerry Rice, Cristiano Rinaldo and even actor Al Pacino. Additional autographs come in the form of signed buyback cards from previous Sportkings releases. These feature autographs from Larry Bird, Mario Lemieux, Mike Tyson and more.

Sportkings Memorabilia feature a jersey swatch with an image of the player’s base card. Autographed memorabilia cards are also available. Dynasty Kings memorabilia cards highlight athletes that have won multiple championships. Multi-relic hits include Kings of the City (two athletes that played in the same city), Three Kings (three athletes from the same sport) and Fourmidable (four athletes from the same sport).

One Response to 2015 Leaf Sportkings preview

  1. Wartzy December 27, 2015 at 4:50 pm #

    I want to see a Lebron, Bosh and Wade or Lebron, Love and Kyrie on the Three Kings insert card 🙂