2015 Bowman Inception Baseball preview

Bowman Inception is back for 2015 and is loaded with prospects and hits once again. Five-card boxes contain four autographs with an on-card signature and an autograph relic card.

UPDATE (6/25): The following players will have autographs in 2015 Inception: Kris Bryant, Joey Gallo, Rusney Castillo, Kyle Schwarber, Byron Buxton, Carlos Rodon, Yasmany Tomas and Michael Conforto

15BIBB_1001_ProspectAuto_SYNDERGAARD 15BIBB_1102_RookieAuto_BAEZ

The most basic of the autograph cards are Prospect and Rookie Autographs. The design has a base card feel to it, but all cards have an on-card signatures. These will have at least five levels of numbered parallels.

15BIBB_1002_ProspectAuto_GORDON 15BIBB_1101_RookieAuto_SOLER

Bowman Inception Autographs are a special one per case hit that combines design elements from Inception and 2015 Bowman Baseball. Orange-bordered Inception parallels are numbered to 25, Red to five and Black are numbered one-of-one.


Inception Origins Autographs have a unique design and feature current stars as well as rookies and prospects. Origins autos are numbered to 25 with Red parallels numbered to five and one-of-one Black parallels.


The Bowman Black Collection Autograph continuity program continues with 2015 Inception. Black autos are numbered to 25 with Red parallels numbered to five.

2015 Inception Baseball has a variety of Auto Relic cards. Basic auto relics contain a game-used jersey swatch and come with five levels of numbered parallels. Jumbo Patch include large-sized jersey patch pieces. There are also one-of-one MLB Logo Patch cards using the famous silhouetted batter logo patch from game-used jerseys.


Autograph Letter Book Cards are numbered to just two have a full letter from a game-used jersey nameplate plus a sticker auto.

Future Stars Autograph Relics use jersey relics from the 2014 SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game uniforms. They are numbered one-of-one as are the Laundry Tag parallels.


Quad Auto Relic Book Cards with four signatures and swatches from four different players are numbered to ten.

2015 Bowman Inception Baseball Hobby Box

2015 Bowman Inception Baseball Hobby Box

Product Features
  • 1 pack per box, 5 cards per pack
  • 4 autographs and 1 auto relic card per box
  • High-end prospect autographs

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