2015-16 Upper Deck SP Authentic Hockey preview

One of the most anticipated releases on the hockey collecting calendar, 2015-16 Upper Deck SP Authentic Hockey, will deliver a solid array of signed cards and patch autos. Each box comes with three autographs, including at least one Future Watch rookie auto.



The base set for 15-16 SP Authentic features 100 cards, which have Limited parallels numbered out of 25. SP Legends base cards will be inserted one in five packs for an average of four per box. Limited Autograph base cards can be found with two different tiers of numbering (Tier 1 #’d to 99, Tier 2 #’d to 25). Patch autos are guaranteed to be signed on-card and fall two per case. Limited Patch Autos also have multiple tiers of numbering, which start at 100 or less.

16spauth10 16spauth11

In addition to the base set there are a handful of subsets to chase. Franchise Icons are numbered to just 199 with Limited parallels numbered to ten. Authentic Moments and All-Time Moments cards return. Authentic Moments cards have rare signed editions, including the chance to find new booklet autographs.


Future Watch rookie cards are numbered out 999 with Limited parallels numbered to 25. Signed Future Watch cards are also numbered to 999 with Limited parallels (#’d to 100),  inscription variations (#’d to 50) and Limited Patch autos (#’d to 100).

16spauth6 16spauth7

SP Authentic once again turns the clock back 20 years for a special Retro insert set. This year’s SP Retro cards use the design from 1995-96 for Retro base (1:10 packs), Retro Premier Prospects (1:12) and Retro Legends (1:60). Look for Gold Autograph versions of 95-96 SP Retro cards. Upper Deck also goes back ten years for 2005-06 Retro Future Watch patch auto cards (#’d to 25).

Collectors can complete their 2015-16 Upper Deck Hockey sets with Update cards found in SP Authentic. There are both updates to the base set (1:6.5 packs) as well as Young Guns (1:25). Update cards have the traditional Exclusive (#’d to 100) and High Gloss (#’d to 10) parallel versions.

16spauth8 16spauth9

Sign of The Times autographs fall into two tiers availability. Multi-auto editions range from Duals (#’d to 250), Trios (#’d to 15), Quads (#’d to 10), Sixes (#’d to 6) and Eights (#’d to 5). Upper Deck has also added three tiers Sign of The Times rookie autographs that are numbered to 299 or less. Both veteran and rookie Sign of The Times have numbered inscription variations.


Additional autograph content includes: Global Chirography, Great White North, Scripted Stoppers, Marks of Distinction (#’d to 25) and Immortal Inks (#’d to 10).

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