2015-16 Upper Deck Premier Hockey preview

Upper Deck Premier Hockey is back for a second season after reemerging on the hockey collecting landscape last July. 2015-16 Upper Deck Premier Hockey will feature seven cards per box with one Rookie Auto Patch, one base Rookie Jersey card, three additional memorabilia or autographs cards, one rookie base card and a veteran base card.


Premier Hockey’s base set includes 50 veterans plus 50 rookies.  Instead of parallels there are jersey and autograph editions of base cards. In addition to the one per pack Rookie Jersey cards there are Base Set jersey cards (#’d to 199) and Legends Jersey cards (#’d to 99). Jersey cards have Prime Material versions with Base cards numbered to 25 and Rookie and Legend Prime Materials numbered out of ten. Base Set and Rookie jersey cards also have Brand Logo swatch (#’d to 6) and Tag (#’d to 3) versions. Veteran and rookie base cards also have two different versions of autographs, Silver Spectrum (Rookies #’d to 49, Base #’d to 25) and Platinum Blue Spectrum (#’d 1/1).


Rookie patch autos are printed on acetate with on-card signatures and jumbo patch pieces. Rookies are broken into two different tiers of scarcity. Tier 1 rookies are numbered out of 375 with Silver Spectrum parallels numbered to 6 and Gold Spectrum numbered out of 15. Tier 2 rookies are out of 199 with Silver Spectrum numbered to only 35 and Gold Spectrum out of ten. Both tiers have one-of-one Platinum Blue Spectrum parallels. Veteran players also have acetate patch auto cards numbered to 99 or less.

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Mega Patch cards were  a big hit with collectors in last year’s Premier release. Mega Patch and Stick cards feature hand-numbering and usually have low-numbered quantities. Patches include chest jersey logos, sleeve numbers, shoulder logos and commemorative logos. Look for dual and triple Mega Patch and Stick cards as well.


Rookie Draft Day Booklets open to reveal a player autograph and a piece of event-worn hat. A total of 36 players are featured in the set with cards numbered out of 15.

Upper Deck flashes back 12 years for 2003-04 Rookie Tribute Patch Autos. Once again rookies are broken into two tiers. Tier 1 rookies have patch autos numbered out of 99 with Gold parallels numbered out of 15. The harder to find Tier 2 rookies are numbered out of 49 and Gold parallels numbered to just five. Sabres rookie Jack Eichel will part of the Tier 2 checklist, but with no signature.

2015-16 Premier has additional hard-signed Rookie autographs (#’d to 399) with Silver (#’d to 65), Gold (#’d to 15) and Blue Spectrum (#’d 1/1) parallels.

2015/16 Upper Deck Premier Hockey Hobby Box

2015/16 Upper Deck Premier Hockey Hobby Box

Product Features
  • One Rookie Autograph Patch Per Box!
  • One Base Rookie Jersey Per Box!
  • One Base Rookie Per Box!
  • One Base Veteran Per Box!
  • Three Other Auto or Memorabilia Cards Per Box!
$1,888.95 $1,499.95

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