2014 Topps Stadium Club Baseball preview

Topps brings back one of their classic brands with 2014 Topps Stadium Club Baseball, which releases on October 1. The set features the traditional full-bleed photography that is synonymous with the Stadium Club brand. Every master box comes with three mini-boxes each containing six packs. You will find one autograph in every mini-box for a total of three autos per box.

There are 200 base cards in the Stadium Club set with five levels of parallels. You’ll find one Rainbow Foil per mini box and one Gold Foil parallel per master box. Electric Foils come in one in every three mini boxes. Foilboard parallels are sequentially numbered to 25. Members Only parallel come one per case.

Topps Stadium Club comes with five sets of insert cards including some familiar favorites. Beam Team returns with 25 new stars. Legends Die Cuts showcases ten retired players on die-cut cards. Future Stars Die Cuts features ten up-and-coming players in die-cut form. All three sets are found in one out of three mini boxes and also have Gold Foil parallels.

Field Access can be found in every mini box and feature 25 photos that have never been seen before. There are three levels of parallels for this set: Rainbow Foil (#’d to 99), Gold Foil (#’d to 50) and Electric Foil (#’d to 25).

Triumvirates return with interlocking die-cut cards that can be assembled together. There are ten groups made up of three die-cut cards each for a total of 30 stars. There are three versions of every card, including Luminous (1:3 mini boxes), Luminescent (1:4 master boxes) and Illuminator (1 per case).

As previously mentioned there is one autograph card per mini box. There are over 50 autographed base cards with signatures on the card. Rainbow Foil parallels of these cards are sequentially numbered to 50. Gold Foil parallels are numbered to 25. Electric Foil parallels are numbered one-of-one.

You can find more autographs on special insert sets. Lone Star Signatures feature ten superstars with on-card signatures. Gold Foil parallels are sequentially numbered to 10 and Electric Foil parallels are numbered one-of-one. Beam Team Autographs have signatures from 15 players that are part of the insert set. Co-Signers feature dual on-card signatures of 10 pairs of players, which are sequentially numbered to 5. There are also ten 1991 Autographed Buyback cards that come complete with a special foil stamp and sequentially numbered to five.

2014 Topps Stadium Club Baseball Hobby Box

2014 Topps Stadium Club Baseball Hobby Box

Product Features
  • 3 Mini Boxes Per Hobby Box, 6 Packs Per Mini Box
  • Each Box contains 3 Autographs & 3 Base Parallels

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