2014 Topps Prime Football preview

2014 Topps Prime Football will be arriving September 26 and is loaded with great hits for the gridiron collector. Each box of Prime Football has ten packs, with six cards per pack, and contains one Autographed Relic Card, one Autographed Card, one Multi-Relic Card, and one Patch or Prime Relic Card.

Topps Prime Football delivers the most sought-after rookies of the 2014 NFL Draft Class, as well as NFL Stars, on beautiful full-bleed, action-photography trading cards.

The base set features 100 veterans and 50 rookies (one rookie card per pack). There are an additional 50 Veteran Variations and 50 Rookie Variations. The rookie variations have five different levels of parallels: Copper (#’d to 350), Gold (#’d to 250), Copper Rainbow (#’d to 99), Silver Rainbow (#’d to 50) and a 1-of-1 Gold Rainbow.

Prime also boasts three insert sets. Primetimers features action shots of the biggest stars in the league (1:2 packs). Primed Rookies covers the top rookies that are primed to make the presence felt this season (1:5 packs). Prime Performance goes back to last season and highlights the top performance from last year’s crop of rookies (1:10 packs).

Topps Prime is stacked with autographed relic cards. There are five kinds of auto relics to collect that come with different types of swatches.

Prime I – 6 pieces: Glove/Wristband/Football/Patch/Jersey/Jersey. Sequentially #’d to 10. BOOK CARD

Prime II – 5 pieces: Glove/Wristband/Football/Jersey/Team Sock Relics. Sequentially #’d to 15. BOOK CARD

Prime III – 3 pieces: Jumbo Football/Sock/Jersey Patch Relics. Sequentially #’d to 15. BOOK CARD

Prime IV – 1 piece: Supreme-sized patch. Sequentially #’d to 5. BOOK CARD

Prime V – 4 pieces: Jersey, Patch, Jersey, Jersey. Sequentially #’d

Prime V cards are only available in hobby boxes. They feature five different levels of parallels that are numbered in limited quantities including a 1-of-1 Gold Rainbow parallel.

There are also Autographed Rookie and Veteran Variations. Both are sequenced to various quantities. Autograph cards also have the same five levels of parallels that the base cards come in, but in much more limited quantities (especially the Rookies).

Relic cards come in both Dual and Quad Relic sets with rookies featured with either two or four jersey swatches. Both Dual and Quad Relics come in five parallel levels: Copper (#’d to 99), Gold (#’d to 75), Copper Rainbow (#’d to 25, Hobby only), Silver Rainbow (#’d to 10) and 1-of-1 Gold Rainbow available in Hobby boxes only.

Dual Combo Relics pair a rookie and veteran player with a jersey relic from each. Quad Combo Relics feature two rookies and two veterans for a total of four jersey swatches. Prime Patch cards with a rookie jersey swatch. All three subsets come in three levels of parallels only available in Hobby packs: Copper Rainbow (#’d to 25), Silver Rainbow (#’d to 10) and 1-of-1 of Gold Rainbow.

2014 Topps Prime Football Hobby Box

2014 Topps Prime Football Hobby Box

Product Features
  • 10 Packs Per Box, 6 Cards Per Pack
  • One Autographed Relic Card Per Box!
  • One Autographed Card Per Box!
  • One Multi-Relic Card Per Box!
  • One Patch or Prime Relic Card Per Box!

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