2014 Bowman Chrome Baseball Preview

2014 Bowman Chrome Baseball will be available starting next Friday (September 26) just in time for the MLB playoffs. The folks over at Bowman have overhauled the set for this year and have rolled out some exciting new features. For starters, they are now offering two autographs in every 18-pack hobby box.

The base set has 220 cards made up from 170 veterans and 50 rookies. An additional 10 different rookie variations are part of the set and each are numbered sequentially to 99. On top of the base cards there are also 100 prospect cards that weren’t featured in the 2014 Bowman Baseball set. The base and prospect cards have a full lineup of parallels:

– Refractor Sequentially numbered to 500
– Blue Refractor #’d to 250
– Purple Refractor #’d to 150
– Bubbles Refractor #’d to 99
– Green Refractor #’d to 75
– Gold Refractor #’d to 50
– Orange #’d to 25
– Carbon Fiber Refractor #’d to 10
– Red Refractor #’d to 5
– Super-Fractor #’d 1/1
– Printing Plates #’d 1/1

Bowman Chrome prospect and rookie autographs cards will feature signatures on the card. The list of parallels is similar to the base card set. Some of the new features include: Bubbles Refractor (#’d to 99), Carbon Fiber Refractor (#’d to 10), and Twitter-Blue Social Media-Graph parallel complete with the player’s signature and Twitter handle (#’d to 10).

Mini Chrome cards are back for 2014 and include several different parallels. Look for Mini Chrome Autographs (#’d to 10), Mini Chrome Die-Cut (#’d to 150), Die-Cut Blue Wave (#’d to 99), Die-Cut Red Wave (#’d 5, hobby box only) and Superfractor Die-Cut (#’d 1/1).

The new Fire Die-Cut Refractors are a “hot” addition to the Bowman Chrome lineup. There are both base and autographed cards in this collection made up of 50 rookies and prospects. Parallels include Atomic Refractor (#’d to 99), X-fractor (#’d to 25), Superfractor (#’d 1/1, Hobby only), Refractor Autographs (#’d to 25) and Superfractor Autograph (#’d 1/1).

Dualing Die-Cut Refractors feature two players in a horizontal design. They have their own batch of parallels similar to the Fire Die-Cut cards.

The Bowman Black Collection is a Bowman Continuity program #’d to 25. There is also a Violet parallel #’d to 10. 1989 “Bowman is Back” Silver and Black Diamond Refractors are continuity inserts that are also included. The Black Diamond refractors are autographed and are numbered to 15.

Be on the look out for AFLAC High School All-American & Under Armour All-American Game Autographs as well. They are sequentially numbered in various quantities.

2014 Bowman Chrome Baseball Hobby Box

2014 Bowman Chrome Baseball Hobby Box

Product Features
  • 18 Packs Per Box, 4 Cards Per Pack
  • Two Autograph Cards Per Box!
  • Look for ALL NEW Fire Die-Cuts!
  • Look for Mookie Betts Prospect Autos!
  • Find Randomly Inserted Black Wave Hot Packs!



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