2014-15 Upper SPx Basketball preview

Upper Deck’s SPx brand has been around for 18 years but it has been limited to just football and hockey releases in recent years. UD is changing that this January with their first SPx Basketball set since 2008-09. 2014-15 Upper Deck SPx Basketball will utilize UD’s NCAA license to feature NBA legends from their days in college as well as highlight the incoming crop of rookies.

SPx Basketball has 75 base cards made up of 50 legends and 25 rookies. Base cards will also have two levels of autographed parallels. Autographed Legend base cards will come in 1:60 packs and die-cut auto parallels are numbered to only three. Rookie auto base parallels are easier to find as they fall in 1:10 packs and die-cut auto parallels are numbered to five.

Bird Gordon-2Stockton

Upper Deck is promising one hit per pack, including two to three autographs per box. One of those autos in each box will be a SPx Rookie Auto Jersey card printed with Precious Metal Gem Technology. SPx Rookie Auto cards come in three levels: Jersey Red (#’d to 475 or less), Patch Blue (#’d to 30) and Patch Green (#’d 1/1).


Look for more autograph cards with Super Scripts and SPx Signatures. Both sets have die-cut parallel versions numbered to three.

Jordan-1 Jordan-2

2014-15 Upper Deck SPx Basketball features one to two memorabilia cards per box. Winning Big Materials come with jumbo-sized jersey swatches. Patch parallels are numbered to 25 with autographed versions numbered to five. There also multi-player memorabilia cards with Winning Big Combos and Triples.


SPx Finite insert cards are limited to 799 copies for Legends and 499 for Rookies. Radiance parallels for both types of Finite cards are numbered to 99 and Spectrum parallels are numbered to ten. There are three retro 1996 & 1997 Hologram SPx cards per box as well.


Lastly there are four UD Premier Autograph packs per case of SPx Basketball. Each pack contains a bonus Rookie or Legend Auto Jersey card with the possibility of a patch parallel version.


2014/15 Upper Deck SPx Basketball Hobby Box

2014/15 Upper Deck SPx Basketball Hobby Box

Product Features
  • 10 packs per box, 5 cards per pack
  • Get one (1) hit in every pack!
  • 2-3 Autographs per box
  • 1-2 Memorabilia Cards per box

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